Biden Authorizes Photo IDs for Border Jumpers Before Releasing Them Into the Wild

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Photoroyalty / shutterstock.comPresident Biden has been making the lives of illegal immigrants easier after they hop the border into the US. Now he and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) are fully committed to the idea of ensuring the illegals can come and go as they please. With the issuance of a federal photo identification, they will […]

Who’s at the Next GOP Debate? We’ve Got 7 Candidates Who Made the Cut

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Sapunkele / shutterstock.comWith the second GOP presidential debate slated for September 27th, so far, there are seven candidates who not only survived the last debate but made enough waves to be invited for the second round. Not making the cut to get an invite so far are Gov. Doug Burgum (R-ND) and former Gov. Asa Hutchinson (R-AR), […]

News Flash: Most Voters Don’t Care About Trans Issues

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GAS-photo / shutterstock.comIf you were to look at the way the liberals push the trans issue, it affects a significant percentage of the population. They would have you believe that there are kids in elementary, middle, and high school changing their gender left and right. The reality is that only about five percent of young adults identify […]

Trump to Upstage 2nd GOP Debate with Epic Speech in Detroit

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lev radin / shutterstock.comPresident Donald Trump is sticking to his guns by refusing to debate his long-shot primary opponents who are vying for second place. The next Republican debate is set to take place on September 27th at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum in California. Trump won’t be there, ensuring another ratings disaster, this time for […]

CIA Caught Bribing Its Own Discovery Team to Change Its Findings About Origins of COVID 

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mucahiddinsenturk / shutterstock.comRepublicans have intensified their inquiry into the origins of COVID-19, pressing the Biden administration and other key figures to turn over documents or potentially face subpoenas. This escalation coincides with revelations from a CIA whistleblower who informed Congress that the agency had incentivized its analysts to assert that COVID-19 did not originate in a Wuhan […]

Schumer Lifts Dress Code so Fetterman Can Wear Hoodies on Senate Floor 

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milosljubicic / shutterstock.comSenate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has abolished the Senate floor’s professional attire dress code, a move that comes several months after Senator John Fetterman faced criticism for wearing a hoodie.   Schumer discreetly instructed the Senate’s Sergeant at Arms to cease enforcing the dress code. Historically, the dress code mandated male senators to wear jackets […]

Fail: Biden’s Attempt to Discredit MAGAnomics

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illustrator096 / shutterstock.comPresident Joe Biden is attempting to frame the success of Bidenomics against the backdrop of “failed” MAGAnomics, but with recent reports of rising inflation, particularly driven by escalating gasoline prices in both July and the previous month, Republicans are openly embracing Biden’s comparisons. Biden recently reintroduced the term “MAGAnomics,” originally used by the Trump campaign […]

Chicago Mayor Wants to Push ‘Mansion Tax’ That Already Failed in Beverly Hills

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Sorbis / shutterstock.comChicago Mayor Brandon Johnson may have ousted Lori Lightfoot from office during the last election, but he hasn’t done anything to improve the lives of Windy City residents. In fact, Johnson is now pushing a “mansion tax” on luxury homes that sell for more than $1 million in price. The problem with this plan is […]

CIA Whistleblower: COVID’s Wuhan Origins Were Suppressed by Paying Off Analysts

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Wetzkaz Graphics / shutterstock.comWe’ve all known or at least supposed that COVID-19 originated in Wuhan, China, during a lab leak. But, according to a CIA whistleblower, the agency suppressed proof of this for a while by paying off their own analysts to change their opinions. As the New York Post claims, this “senior-level CIA” whistleblower recently testified before […]

Next Steps in Biden Impeachment Inquiry: Understanding the Process 

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Rubanitor / shutterstock.comOn Tuesday, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy set the stage for a political showdown that could potentially result in the removal of President Joe Biden from office. This is just the first step of a complex process, and there are several more steps that Republicans must navigate before Biden can be removed.  The process of removing […]

Court Rules Against Administration But Leaves Plenty of Room for Biden to Keep Censoring Anyway 

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Ralf Geithe / shutterstock.comIn the latest installment of the ongoing censorship saga, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit Court found that the Biden administration overstepped its bounds by requiring social media and big tech to censor content it didn’t agree with. The court suggested that the administration might have used intimidation and threats to shape […]

North Carolina Tribe Votes To Legalize Cannabis – State Law Be Damned

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Anton Watman / shutterstock.comThe Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians (EBCI) held a vote on September 7th about the future of their tribe and what is the best direction for them. As a clear middle finger to North Carolina’s anti-cannabis Congressmen, their vote passed 70-to-30. While the vote does not make it legal immediately, tribal leaders have said they […]

NYC Mayor Admits Illegal Immigration Will Destroy NYC

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AF Branco / creators.comSpeaking before a town hall on September 6th, Democrat and Mayor of New York City Eric Adams let it be known just how badly he is at doing his job. The 110,000 illegals who arrived at the southern border only to go to NYC are destroying him. A liberal utopia he was trying to craft […]

Author Claims to Know Who Will Replace Biden in 2024
shutterstock.comIf you haven’t heard, rumors are swirling that Joe Biden will be suddenly replaced as the DNC nominee and favorite in 2024. And the name being bandied about as that replacement just got mentioned again: Michelle Obama. The major why behind this thought is pretty obvious. Joe Biden is no longer fit to serve our […]

San Francisco is so Great These Days That Pirates Are Attacking in the Bay

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Jeff Whyte / shutterstock.comOkay, who had pirates returning to coastal waters in the US as part of their 2023 American-decline-under-Joe-Biden bingo card? If you did, you’re a winner! The Bay Area crime spree has now gotten so bad that pirates are stealing sailboats and other vessels. At this rate, we should probably expect a return of the Black […]