Is China Burning Coal to Spite World Leaders?

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Across the globe, world leaders have been meeting to figure out what to do about climate change. Many have made promises to reduce carbon footprints, which include shifting away from coal and introducing more energy-efficient cars on the market. Then, there’s China. The country seems hell-bent to give the rest of the world the middle finger as they do what...

Adam Schiff Grilled Over Steele Dossier by New ‘View’ Cohost Morgan Ortagus

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Morgan Ortagus, a former State Department spokeswoman, intensely questioned Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) during an episode of ABC’s “The View” on Tuesday morning. Morgan Ortagus was in The View lineup to replace former conservative host Meghan McCain. She confronted Schiff on Tuesday for flooding the airwaves with talk of Steele's research on alleged ties between former President Donald Trump's...

There’s Already Problems with Mail-In Ballots in VA’s Governor Race

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Remember last year when hundreds of conservatives started voicing concern about the massive amount of mail-in and absentee ballots to be used for the presidential election? Due to their unprecedented numbers and a mailing system altogether unequipped for those, we were worried that our ballots or the ballots of the millions of other Americans not willing to risk voting...

Thousands of Airmen Missed The Vax Deadline…Now What?

We need the military to be at its best. It’s what allows us to be able to defend the country against threats…both foreign and domestic. We already know that there are many countries where the number of troops is growing. This means that we don’t have the ability to simply lose troops. Biden’s vaccine mandate has caused people to walk...

Rep. Buddy Carter Sees the Spending Bill As ‘Throwing Gas On’ Inflation Fire

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Rep. Buddy Carter (R-GA) spoke with Newsmax’s The Chris Salcedo Show on Tuesday, where he openly trashed the Biden Spending Bill, and he’s 100% correct. When asked directly about the spending bill, Carter said the bill would “throw gas on the fire and make it even worse, now it's going to be hyperinflation.'' This hyperinflation will ultimately make those already struggling...

New Analysis: Able-Bodied Men Opting Out of the Labor Force

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There is brand new analysis that should be a warning for the present White House administration regarding workers in America. This analysis argues that government welfare policies actually encourage able-bodied men to opt-out of the labor force. In the past, other factors included weak wage growth, technological change, or international trade as potential reasons for the low labor force participation...

Gavin Newsom Handed Pink Slip After Losing to Pro-Life Group

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Gavin Newsom thinks he has been indestructible ever since he won the recall election. His insanity regarding COVID lockdowns and not following his own rules was the catalyst that made millions of people sign their names to the form demanding his expulsion from office. But ever since the recall day ended, he has felt that he can issue one...

Kamala Harris Lies to the Country as She Gets Her COVID Booster

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Kamala Harris isn’t a great Vice President. Some question if she’s even a great human being. In terms of politicians, she leaves a lot to be desired. Considering she’s not the most prominent VP we’ve ever had, it’s hard to believe anything that comes out of her mouth…especially when she starts to cackle with her awkwardness. However, we have to pay...

Gun Shots are Soothing? St Louis Mayor Ignores the Problems

Often, liberal leaders are in denial. It’s easier for them to live with the epic mistakes they continue to make. However, it seems that the St. Louis mayor is living in greater denial than many. Mayor Tishaura O. Jones admitted on Twitter that “I don’t flinch when gunshots ring out; my son and I often fall asleep to a lullaby...

VP Harris Missing in Action?

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If you remember correctly, the Biden administration was supposed to be an altogether new and different thing, at least in terms of the jobs the president and vice president would be tasked with. Unlike most presidencies, this one was supposed to be more of a co-alliance, with Democratic President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris working side-by-side on...