Small Town Declares Itself a “Constitutional Republic”

J.J. Gouin /
As you well know, the state of California and its tyrannical governor, Gavin Newsom, have implemented some rather stringent and overreaching mandates and regulations in the last couple of years. And after the announcement that those mandates will continue until at least March of 2022, a full two years after it was initially put in place, there are more...

Virginia Voters Explain Why They Voted Republican; This Will Drive the Left Insane

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Virginia has led the way in ‘The Great Democrat Removal of 2021’ in this special election season. Along with switching over to Republican Glenn Youngkin as their governor, the great state of Virginia also elected Winsome Sears as their lieutenant governor and flipped six House seats back to red. Were these great politicians? Incredibly intelligent people with awesome ideas? Did...

What Supply Chain Crisis? Walmart’s Doing Just Fine

PJiiiJane /
Walmart, the behemoth retailer, has figured out how to bypass the supply chain chaos and do an end-run around inflation. Walmart revealed that its sales grew significantly over the past three months. Wait…What? How? On Tuesday, the mega-giant retailer reported a 9.2% increase in sales between its third quarter in 2020 and 2021. And their total revenue also increased 4.3%...

Democratic Governor of Michigan Ignored GOP City with Lead Saturated Water

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Gretchen Whitmer, the Democratic Governor of Michigan, ran on a platform of clean water for the city of Flint. It is a heavily Democratic city in the state that has been given the spotlight from important Democrats leaders like Barack Obama over the last number of years. But once Whitmer was elected as governor, she has been slow to help...

NYC Police Seize 9 Weapons a Day in Local Schools as Crime Wave Continues

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For those like me who are lucky enough to live in small-town USA, crime is pretty much unheard of - at least on any serious level. Where I live and work, our cars and homes are rarely locked, our streets are clean, and our kids aren’t afraid to walk to school. We are blessed, to say the least. However, the...

Most Vaxxed State is Having a COVID Surge?

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If you are anything like me and think the COVID-19 vaccines shouldn’t be mandated, either because they are vastly ineffective or could be harmful, I’m about to give you another feather for your cap. And it comes to us from the northeastern state of Vermont. Here, almost 72 percent of all state residents have been vaccinated, with most of those...

Tennessee Has an “Abortion Waiting Period” and Judges Rule It Stands

Shala W. Graham
The liberals don’t really see anything wrong with aborting unborn children. Don’t want to be pregnant anymore? No problem, just step right up and let us kill that child. Really, that’s all it takes in most states. There’s no need to think about it, explore other options, or even have a conversation with a medical doctor who has reviewed your...

DeSantis Makes 6 Word Threat to Biden…

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As you well know, there’s a major border/immigration crisis going on in the United States. Millions of migrants from countries even as far away as India are flooding our southern borders. And no, I’m not exaggerating. According to the US border agencies and the data they’ve collected in recent months, as of September, there had been 1.7 million illegal border...

John Kerry Admits Biden Plan Will Eliminate More Than 40,000 Jobs

Alexandros Michailidis /
As you have likely heard, last week gave us one of those rare glimpses into just how fully hypocrisy fills out the Democratic party with the commencement of the COP26 global climate control summit in Glasgow, Scotland. It was here that the likes of Democratic President Joe Biden, VP Kamala Harris, their climate czar John Kerry, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos,...

DeSantis Points the Finger at Biden Over Illegals Being Flown In

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Imagine finding out that thousands of illegal immigrants are suddenly in your state. You weren’t told. You weren’t able to warn anyone. And, you find out that it was done because the President thinks that he can get away with it. It would be great if this was just a nightmare. It’s real. And it seems to be the very...