Washington State Makes Illegals the Only Ones Eligible for $40 Million in Special Benefits

The state of Washington with Gov. Jay Inslee at the helm has decided to put a special fund with $40 million aside only to...

What the Historic Israel Peace Deal Means for Trump

President Trump is by far Israel’s favorite president ever to serve the American people. He has done more to help them in their struggles...

Kanye May Have to Face a Hard Reality

Blow out the birthday candles but don’t make a wish. It will only end in disappointment. As many people celebrating birthday milestones this year...

So, You Want to Carry a Gun? Learn How to Stand Your Ground

The Dems don’t get it. It’s not about, “oh, you can’t come for our guns.” It’s all about wanting guns to be able to...

Is Trump’s Reelection Bid Doomed Amid the Democrats’ Push for More Violence and Riots?

According to the latest Rasmussen reports, the presidential race is essentially a dead heat. The Biden campaign may have believed that they were putting...

Democrats Attempt to Erase American History and Replace it With Racist Lies

Maybe we are being a bit crazy (the pandemic has that effect on people) but we have been watching the progressives act up over...

Forget It, It’s Canceled: The Problem with the Cancel Culture

C’mon, cancel something. Boycott a hard-earning American company because they say something you don’t agree with. Everyone’s doing it. It’s the cancel culture, and...

The National Anthem: It’s About History Not Equality

The cancel culture is coming for our national anthem. The very song that helps to define us as a nation. Of course, the Dems...

Left Cancels Redskin’s Logo and Name

As the cancel culture of the progressive left persists across aspects of this nation, another long-held and esteemed sports giant has fallen. Well, not...

BLM Will Fade into a Bad Memory Soon

The notorious Black Lives Matter group is anything about protecting the lives of people around them. They have no intention of working peacefully to...

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