New Info Shows Afghan Forces Would Fail…and Biden Removed the Help Anyway

President Biden will forever have to live with the fact that he botched up the Afghan withdrawal of U.S. troops. As more and more...
VAKS-Stock Agency /

Bidens Domestic Brute Squad Being Formed To Fight Domestic Terrorists

Joe Biden is trying again to set his illustrious brute squad to keep an eye on any person or group he would deem a...
pantid123 /

Elon Musk Takes On California’s New Solar Tax and Tells What He Really Thinks

Elon Musk is the world’s richest man because he brilliantly invested his money in several ventures that took off in the right direction. He...
Maridav /

CDC Ready To Change Things Again As They Hint About Mask Being Ineffective

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention is simply another liberal-run agency willing to change the rules so they favor the Democratic Party. Every...
zimmytws /

Forget the Kids! Teachers Mock As They Make Demands for Selfish Gain

The Democrats have finally met their match with the liberal school boards that dug their feet in and would not return to in-class learning...
Lightspring /

Canadian Province Hacks Vaccine Compliance by Requiring Shot for ‘Popular Merriments’ Quadrupling Vaccinations

Quebec Health Minister Christian Dubé announced during a news conference that would have had folks reeling in 2019. He announced that as of Jan....
Rena Schild /

Biden Fights Georgia, Proving He Has No Idea What Americans are Concerned About

President Biden continues to push an agenda that no one wants or cares about. Right now, people are paying far too much money on...
lev radin /

GOP Rep. Moore: Questions Pelosi’s and Biden’s Roles in Jan. 6th Riot

Ahead of the 2022 midterms, Rep. Barry Moore (R-AL) is advocating that Republicans look to use their leadership powers to achieve success. While the...
Ronnie Chua /

Liberal County Sues Business Over COVID Just To Make an Example Out of Them

The liberal Los Angeles County is making waves again on behalf of socialist control attempts by singling out a small café that has decided...
Angel Soler Gollonet /

DeSantis Does What Biden Fails To Do for People in Desperate Need

Joe Biden and his administration have dropped yet another ball, and as usual, the American people will suffer. The COVID-19 virus continues to change...

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