A Waste of Money? COVID Boosters are Being Offered Next to the Flu Shot

Jo Panuwat D / shutterstock.com
Jo Panuwat D / shutterstock.com

The Biden administration knows how to waste money like no one’s business. And one of the things they wasted money on was COVID boosters. Specifically, billions of dollars were pulled from other parts of the budget to make room for 170 million doses of the COVID vaccine.

Boosters are continuously pushed. At this point, everyone should be on their second or third booster shot.

It’s working well, don’t you think? Biden’s gotten three boosters – and the number of times he’s contracted COVID is about the same number. At least that they’re telling us about.

Now, more and more pharmacies are pushing the booster. It’s part of their patriotic duty. The government spent all of this money, so they need some arms to be able to jab. Don’t you want to roll up your sleeve and get the shot?

You can get two jabs at once – one for the flu and one for COVID.

The White House is VERY excited for you to get the vaccines. The COVID-19 response coordinator, Dr. Ashish Jha, is even announcing a six-week spring to get more Americans on board with the booster.

A fact sheet produced by the White House shares: “Over 70,000 locations are offering the updated COVID-19 vaccines, and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has taken steps this month to expand to even more locations.”

As if they need to be spending more money, the Biden administration is “investing” over $300 million into community health centers so that they can raise awareness about the vaccines and its boosters.

Maybe it’s time for the White House to swallow their pride and accept the truth. People are well aware of the vaccines and boosters. We just don’t want them.