A New Lawsuit Could Expose the Truth Behind Epstein and Finally Reveal His Client List

Ivelin Radkov / shutterstock.com
Ivelin Radkov / shutterstock.com

The Jeffrey Epstein case has had much of America enamored off and on since the news of his child sex ring and the involvement of billionaires, celebrities, and politicians. Even after “suicide” in 2019, more and more stories have emerged and as a result, the information about his activities has become global.

Despite his incarceration and subsequent death, sex trafficking and assaults still occurred at his prior residences. Billionaire investor Leon Black now finds himself in the crosshairs of a lawsuit for allegedly brutally raping a woman at Epstein’s Manhattan townhouse in August of 2002.

Cheri Pierson has named both Black and the Epstein estate as the defendants in the case. She alleges that Epstein arranged for her to give Black a massage in exchange for cash that she was in dire need of to care for her young daughter. She claims that instead of a simple massage, she was raped in a savage attack that left her swollen, ripped open, and bloody.

According to the complaint “By the time Ms. Pierson exited the massage suite and rode down the elevator with Black, she could barely walk out of the house onto the sidewalk, as she was in excruciating pain and still in shock.” Naturally, Black and his legal team are denying the allegations and claim Pierson is attempting to extort money and destroy his reputation.

Black’s ties to Epstein are well known, and as a result, he stepped down as the CEO of Apollo in January 2021. He expressed his regret for his ties to Epstein in a letter to investors, and according to a piece by the New York Times, he was well known for his socialization and dining proclivities with Epstein. Throughout their friendship, Black paid him at least $75 million for consulting and other services.

The lawsuit goes on to explain that Epstein had offered to help Pierson get a buyer for a skincare line she was trying to launch, but never said who it was. It was shortly thereafter that she met with Black and following the attack, Black attempted to contact her to express remorse and see her again. He also allegedly paid her an extra $5,000 as an apology.

This case as well as another one against Black is one of the very few cases that directly tie someone to Epstein that has remained in the public eye. This could open the floodgates for not only other survivors of Epstein’s pedophile and rape rings to come forward, but it could also force the opening of the Epstein logs. With no way to know how much he was tied in with her on other dealings, the prosecution could open that door.

So far, every attempt to get information from the Ghislaine Maxwell case has hit a brick wall. From locking out reporters from the court case to sealing the transcripts, every step has been taken to keep this information private. If you talk to prosecutors and people from the feds, they will claim it’s for the privacy of the victims. With victims now coming forward with their information exposed, this may change the way that information is handled.

Epstein completely changed the way the world looked at politicians and exposed many rumors as the truth. This kind of shift is not uncommon following cases like this, and it is long overdue. By finally exposing his full list of predators, people of not only the US but the entire world can know just what kind of people we have been electing to office or allowing to gain our money at the box office.

As much as privacy is a valued right here in the US, that goes out the window when rape and children are involved.