State Department’s Plan for Climate Change? Partner with China

Anton Watman /

Why we don’t want to work with China – they use slave labor, they may have created COVID, there are geopolitical concerns, and the list goes on and on. Over the years, the US has tried to distance itself from China.

The last thing we need to do is to be more like China, complete with ditching our democracy so that we can be ruled by an iron fist of communism.

And yet, the State Department is so focused on climate change that they are ready to forget about everything and partner with the communist nation.

China is a huge coal producer, so it’s not as though they have climate change all figured out. Partnering with a country like the Netherlands would seem more appropriate, but, then again, nothing that the Biden administration does is sensible.

Ned Price is the spokesman for the State Department and has said that the US has “no choice” but to cooperate with China on climate change.

Is that smart, though? Daily Caller’s healthcare reporter Dylan Housman pointed out the fact that Xi Jinping isn’t exactly focused on climate change. In a 72-page report that was given to the CCP congress, it was only mentioned once.

Price explained, “We’ve demonstrated our ability to do so in the past, and in fact, it was about a year ago at the previous COP where Secretary Kerry and his counterpart announced a joint agreement that helped us make tremendous headway towards our ultimate climate goals.”

Oh, well if John Kerry is making the suggestions, then we definitely want to jump on it. You know, the guy who insists that traveling around in a private jet is simply what’s convenient for him and claims that it’s not affecting the climate.

Housman asked Price if there were no other options. Surely, we don’t HAVE to work with the People’s Republic of China (PRC), right? Even Congress has called on the State Department to find a more “viable” option.

Price proves that the State Department is ready to ignore everyone. They will do what they want with blinders on. He said, “We have demonstrated time and again, including in recent months, the ability of our countries despite massive disagreements, and in some ways that may understate it, but despite massive disagreements, to work together when it comes to climate and we’ve been able to work together on this particular issue precisely because not only is it in our interest, not only is it in the PRC’s interest, it’s in our shared interest and it’s in the interest of the global community.”

It’s funny how the Biden administration is willing to overlook the massive amounts of coal that China uses but won’t work within its own country to let pipelines be used. We don’t HAVE to work with China. The State Department is pushing this so that they can form closer bonds.

China may have finally realized that it’s time to focus on climate change, but that doesn’t mean they need our help. After all, if the tables were turned, would they lend a helping hand to us?

We have to watch carefully to see just how much we’ll be partnering with China. It starts with climate change, but where does it end?