Putin Vows That Nukes Are off the Table in Ukraine

Harold Escalona / shutterstock.com

Russian President Vladimir Putin has had enough of the nuclear rhetoric talk that has been surrounding his invasion of Ukraine. Currently, he sees this invasion as a small step in his quest to prevent the West from what he alleges is a final plan for securing global domination. This plan is one he claimed is doomed to fail.

Speaking at a conference of foreign policy experts on October 27th, he explained that attacking Ukraine with nuclear weapons would be pointless. “We see no need for that. There is no point in that, neither political nor military.” He went on to explain that previous statements about every option being available in this war were in response to Liz Trauss’ claims in August that if she should become Britain’s prime minister, she was ready to use nukes. “What were we supposed to think? We saw that as a coordinated position, an attempt to blackmail us.”

This speech continued for quite some time, with Putin using this opportunity to accuse the US and their allies of trying to dictate the narrative and achieve global domination. In his opinion, the US is trying to boss around the globe, and as he sees it, most other countries are sick of it. For mankind, he believes that we do not have a choice: let the problems across the globe keep stacking up until they kill us all, or find solutions that might be tough, but will inevitably make the globe more secure.

This kind of message is the pot calling the kettle black.

Putin is still clutching on to the USSR rhetoric that put us in the Cold War. This antiqued notion that the only thing that can save the globe is Russia and its perverse ideologies is utterly moronic. There is nothing Russia can prove or has ever been able to try and prove that the US has done wrong. The global domination campaigns are coming from his backyard, as well as Zi Jinping in China, and Kim Jong-un in North Korea (more of a Korean and Japanese focus).

His biggest allegation from this long-winded speech was the allegation that Ukraine is preparing to stage a false flag attack surrounding a radioactive dirty bomb, and then shifting that blame over to Russia. Ukraine has denied that possibility and has counted by asking if this could be a cover-up for Russia to go that route. According to US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, nothing indicates Putin is heading towards using a dirty bomb.

This rambling speech threw China-US relations in the mix as well. Touting their relationship as one of the closest alliances ever, he questions why the US would ramp up problems with China. He claimed by having Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi visit Taiwan during the US and Russia face-off over Ukraine, it was a bad idea.

He was also asked about US-Saudi relations, and he kept it quite frank. “They need to respect the crown prince and Saudi Arabia, and they will respond in kind. And they will also respond in kind if they are spoken to in a boorish manner.” He also expanded upon the current battle with OPEC+ and the Saudis in keeping oil prices stabilized. In his view, the Saudis are doing what is best in his nation’s interests, and it will stabilize the global energy market.

With nukes off the table for Russia and his insistence that the US is behind some global conspiracy to put Russia, China, and other nations out of order, all he is up to is a minor military exercise. Never mind how many of his countrymen have died, how many billions in equipment he has destroyed, or how far he went into Ukraine. Add in the stories of war crimes being perpetrated by his military, and it is now a really big problem. Nukes would only be the cherry on top.