Obama Gets Called Out in the Middle of a Speech

Evan El-Amin / shutterstock.com

Over the last weeks, as the 2022 midterms have drawn closer and now finally arrived, we’ve seen many rallies and events put on by one party or another hoping to gain more supporters and votes.

But as you know, some of the running candidates do not always have enough name cred on their own to provide a good turnout. And so, what usually happens is that someone much larger or at least more nationally known is brought in to stump for those individuals. You know, people like Joe Biden, who isn’t up for re-election this year.

Hell, even his former boss, Barack Obama, campaigned for a few of his fellow democrats this month.

To be certain, it’s a good idea to bring in big names like this. Obama, in particular, is an immediate attraction. After all, while he’s still clearly a Democrat, his out-of-office station has left him somewhat removed from the bad rap that currently-held Democratic offices are getting, thanks to their grand ineptitude.

While someone might be able to blame Obama for a few of the things former President Donald Trump had to fix, he’s not been in the White House or Congress for the last couple of years. Therefore, some would say that he can’t be held all that responsible for the mess his party has made of things, right?

Then again, it is his policies that Biden seems hell-bent on reproducing and replicating, despite the fact that they don’t work.

In any case, someone thought it would be a good idea to bring Obama out for a few Democratic campaign events.

The only problem is that on more than one occasion, members of the crowd have begun to call him and those he’s supposedly there to support out in front of everyone.

The most recent happened on Wednesday during a rally for Arizona Democrats in Phoenix.

As Obama was speaking to the crowd, in his usual eloquent way, someone in the audience suddenly yelled out a reminder that one of the people the former president was stumping for had once discriminated against a former staffer, a woman of color, for being just that. And since then, she has tried to buy her silence on the matter.

Let’s just say that’s not a good look for someone running for any government position, but particularly for a party that claims to be all-inclusive and accepting.
Conservative influencer Drew Hernandez reminded Obama and the crowd that once US Representative, now gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs had discriminated against former Arizona Senate Democrats aide Talonya Adams not once but twice.

At the time, Hobbs was the Arizona Democrat Party’s Senate Minority Leader, so Adams worked for her. Adams somehow learned that she wasn’t getting paid as much as any of her male and female co-workers. She was the only woman of color.

After the fact was brought up, Adams went on an already scheduled and approved HMLA leave of absence. Then, while she was out, she was informed that she had been fired. And that Hobbs was who had approved of her getting canned.

So not only was Hobbs paying her less simply because she was ‘of color,’ but then she fired her for having the boldness to question her pay inequality. Again, it’s not a good look for Hobbs.
And don’t just assume that this was all some unsubstantiated allegation. In fact, two separate court decisions have ruled that Hobbs acted in an illegal and discriminatory fashion towards Adams. As such, Adams has been awarded $2.75 million (capped at $300,000) from the state for her compensation.

Yet, Hobbs now dares to run for governor? Of course, this is also after she was forced to resign from her House of Representatives seat for having sexual relations with not one but two different staffers (one male and one female).

However, back at the rally Obama was speaking at, the reminder was not very much appreciated by either the Democratic crowd or Obama.

In fact, Obama even responded to Hernandez. Of course, he didn’t comment on Hobbs or her character. Instead, he tried to give an etiquette lesson, saying, “You know, you have to be polite and civil when… other people are talking.”

Clearly, he didn’t like being interrupted or reminded of the faults of his party.

Maybe he shouldn’t stump for corrupt people, then.