Fifth Circuit Upholds Suspension of Biden’s Illegal OSHA Vaccine Mandate

Fiora Watts /
Fiora Watts /

It’s been ten months since the US Supreme Court ruled that Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate through OSHA was unconstitutional. Yet for all this time, OSHA has been trying to implement the mandate, and the Justice Department has been fighting tooth and nail to try to keep it in place. The rule, which was inexplicably still in place in August despite the Supreme Court ruling, was suspended by a lower court. In November, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has kept the suspension in place – and the court is indicating it plans to strike down the OSHA vaccine mandate entirely.

OSHA acknowledged back in January, after the Supreme Court ruling, that it did not have “emergency” powers to force all employees at companies with more than 100 workers to get vaccinated. Like a petulant 5-year-old, the agency said, “Fine. Whatever. We’ll just implement it as a regular rule instead of an emergency rule.” OSHA is still trying to impose the vaccine mandate, to this day, as a “permanent COVID-19 healthcare standard.”

We’re not making this up. It says that right on OSHA’s website HERE.

Millions of workers in America have been waiting for a reprieve from this mandate that Biden is trying to impose on them. The mandate applies to about 63% of all workers at companies that OSHA has an inordinate amount of power over. As a refresher, here are the many insane things that this vaccine mandate would require employers with more than 100 workers to comply with:
• Workers are required to get vaccinated.
• Workers who refuse vaccination must pay for weekly testing out of their own pocket.
• Unvaccinated workers must wear masks at all times.
• Workers who refuse vaccination AND testing/masking must be fired.
• Employers who don’t fire non-compliant workers face per-violation fines from OSHA.
• Employers must keep records of all employee vaccinations (private, personal medical info).

First of all, these experimental mRNA shots don’t even work. We know this conclusively based on all the science now. Vaccinated people are more likely to catch COVID, and when they catch it, they are more likely to be hospitalized with a severe case (because the shots are weakening their immune systems). The shots have been proven in one recent Swiss study to cause heart damage in 100% of human test subjects.

Any effectiveness that the shots have initially wanes quickly within a few months. That’s why Anthony Fauci, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky, Joe Biden, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, Barack Obama and others have caught COVID despite being double vaccinated and double boosted. Walensky caught COVID within 30 days of receiving her second booster!

And masks? Who still thinks that masks do anything?! Well, Dr. Fauci is probably still wearing one. Lloyd Austin is so afraid of COVID that he’s probably still wearing two masks and his little face shield.

Under all previous American standards, your private and personal medical information is none of your employer’s business. Should employees be required to reveal their HIV status to their employers or face termination? Most people would say absolutely not, because it’s a violation of their medical privacy. But that’s exactly how Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate would treat everyone. Your employer needs to keep your medical records under this OSHA rule or face a fine.

The good news is that the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has continued the suspension of the vaccine mandate, and it sounds like they plan to strike it down completely. Here’s what Circuit Judge Stuart Kyle Duncan wrote in his decision to uphold the lower court’s suspension: “Whether Congress could enact such a sweeping mandate under its interstate commerce power would pose a hard question. Whether OSHA can do so does not.”

OSHA doesn’t have the legal power to mandate a medical decision for millions of American workers. Here’s hoping that the court permanently bans OSHA from implementing Joe Biden’s illegal mandate.