Disney Wakes from Liberal Slumber to End Covid Mandates

Nicoleta Ionescu / shutterstock.com

Disney has been going woke for quite some time. Between the content of their shows to the various rules they have created for their employees, it has taken a toll on them. The moment most people see “Disney” in the headlines, it’s met with an exasperated sigh to see what they’ve done now.

The days of taking kids to see a cartoon without hypersexual topics are gone. Even Mickey and Minnie have gone woke.

Now, though, it seems that the corporation has finally decided to think outside of the liberal box – and they’ve ended some long-running COVID mandates that were in place.

It’s crazy to think that COVID still has a place at the table. Most people have done away with the protocols a while ago. Only those still listening to Dr. Fauci and the rest of the Biden administration are still masking or going in for a three to six month booster.

Vaccine mandates were adopted in 2021 with a “Return to Work” agreement. Essentially, it meant that people had to get the COVID vaccine if they wanted to work on any of the production sets. Production companies and unions alike signed the agreements.

Now, those mandates have finally been relaxed, allowing people to return to set even if they haven’t been vaccinated at all – or if they haven’t gotten the latest booster.
Disney owns ABC, which means that shows like “Grey’s Anatomy” and “9-1-1” are able to return without vaccines in place. Cast members don’t have to wear masks while on the set – and neither do the crew members who work directly with the cast.

Television shows produced in the US are about to experience a huge win. It means that they can film more shows – and it means that they may be able to bring back some actors who had previously been banned from set because they didn’t want to get the jab.

Fran Drescher, best known for her role on “The Nanny” but also the SAG-AFTRA union president, showed off her excitement with a tweet: “@Disney pulls the plug on vaccine mandates! Way to go Mickey!”

It’s better late than never, right? Most would have argued that Disney could have pulled the plug a while ago – but liberal influences can be strong.

Drescher has been very outspoken over the past two years to defend those who chose not to vaccinate. She believes that there’s a “myriad of reasons” why they may not want the jab. And she didn’t believe that someone should love their “livelihood, their representation, and their health benefits.”

Although Biden is quick to point to the MAGA Americans as being borderline fascists, Drescher has been quick to turn it around. With Democrats acting like Nazis about COVID vaccines, cards, and proof, it is not the Republicans we have to worry about when it comes to introducing fascism into the U.S.

Drescher has said, “We as a nation must be very careful that fear does not turn into fascism. When cards must be presented to identify whether you are included or excluded, we stand at a tipping point of an America I no longer recognize. I must applaud Disney for taking the position not to vaccine mandate their sets any longer.”

There are only a handful of sets that are still requiring mandatory vaccinations, but there is usually a reason for that – such as a particular cast member that is vulnerable.

We can see that Disney is trying hard not to go entirely woke. We’ll see how much they’ve learned based on their next movie release.