Computer Repair Guy Who Turned Over the Hunter Biden Laptop Still in Hiding

Kaspars Grinvalds /
Kaspars Grinvalds /

John Paul Mac Isaac is the good Samaritan who turned the Hunter Biden laptop over to the FBI more than a year before the stolen 2020 election. Hunter Biden turned the “Laptop from Hell” over to Mac Isaac’s computer store, “The Mac Shop,” in 2019. When he saw what was on the laptop, Mac Isaac did the right thing and took the laptop to the authorities. For doing the right thing, Mac Isaac is now basically a hermit. He can’t go outside or leave his home because crazy Democrats in Delaware get in his face and threaten to kill him for doing the honorable thing.

Computer repair shops are required by law to notify the authorities if they find evidence of felonies on a computer that someone has handed over to them. Lots of child porn weirdos are caught and jailed like this. So, when Mac Isaac saw what was on Hunter Biden’s laptop, he was bound by law to turn it over to law enforcement. The fact that Hunter Biden is the son of a guy who was, at the time, running an invisible basement campaign to be the next President of the United States, made Hunter Biden’s crimes a matter of national security. That’s why Mac Isaac turned the laptop over to the FBI. Period.

Right before the 2020 election, when the contents of the laptop leaked, “50 intelligence officials” publicly declared that the laptop was “Russian disinformation.” This, of course, was a lie that was told to meddle in the election on behalf of the Democrats.

And make no mistake about it, Hunter Biden committed federal felonies – on video – and kept those videos on his laptop. Possessing crack, dealing crack, and smoking crack can bring federal felony charges. Paying prostitutes – white slaves “owned” by Ukrainian organized crime – and romping around with them in hotel rooms is a federal felony. It’s human trafficking, which used to not be considered a small thing here in America. 13th Amendment, anyone?

Hunter Biden was also smoking crack and cavorting with Chinese honeypot spies while on a trip to China with then-Vice President Joe Biden. At this point, does anyone honestly believe that Hunter Biden doesn’t have a dead hooker scandal in his closet that the CCP is holding over Joe Biden’s head?

Because he did the right thing and turned that hot mess of federal felony activity over to the FBI, John Paul Mac Isaac can’t leave his house now. He’s been forced to shut down his computer repair store, which had been a thriving small business in Wilmington, DE for more than 10 years. Mac Isaac tells Fox News that he faces constant harassment and threats when he goes outside.
“There was somebody the other day who told me to go kill myself. They were jogging by,” says Mac Isaac.

Crazed Democrat voters get in his face and scream at him if he goes out in public. He has to take a big friend with him as a bodyguard anytime he tries to go anywhere because he’s visually impaired and can’t see incoming threats. Democrat voters – Mac Isaac’s neighbors – now treat him the same way that the FBI treats Trump supporters and parents at school board meetings. He’s a second-class citizen in his hometown, shunned and threatened by his neighbors.

Mac Isaac says he’ll probably end up selling his home in Wilmington and moving to Florida. How sad is that? The guy does the right thing, and his entire life is upended in ways that most of us can’t imagine.

Like so many of the harassment campaigns that the FBI carries out against Trump supporters, the message here is clear. Don’t do what John Paul Mac Isaac did. Just keep your mouth shut, or else.