White Lives Matter, Too…A Statement Causing the Left to Combust

Artnis / shutterstock.com

Ye, the singer who was formerly popularly known under the moniker Kanye West could teach conservatives on how to stoke the Left without having to light a match.

Legally known legally as “Ye,” the mogul rapper designer, political disruptor and raconteur was first well-known for his musical style. In the present, Ye is notorious for his adherence to MAGA as well as the “Sunday Service” religious fervor and his latest foray into politics as well as his turbulent relationship with Kim Kardashian. 2013 was the year that Ye made headlines by releasing a $120 white T-shirt for the pre-sale of the merger of the Yeezy label with the French label A.P.C.

The shirt sold out in a matter of hours.

But this past Monday’s chaos went over the top and the commotions have been awe-inspiring.

Ye made an appearance on the red carpet in Paris during Fashion Week and did a surprise show to promote the launch of his Yeezy Season 9 collection. Ye and his guest Candace Owens from The Daily Wire both sported long-sleeved shirts with the words, “White Lives Matter.”

It appears that the models wearing the same shirts also had a similar message.

It seems like this is a broader issue than Ye wearing a MAGA Hat and his visit to the Trump White House. The public is truly up in arms.

The lack of melanin as well as the notion that Ye thinks that people like these are important is the biggest issue with this crowd. They might have offered Ye the side-eye if his shirt had read “All Lives Matter,” however the particular purpose of the message has caused liberal heads to explode. One blue check publication was unable to consult a dictionary prior to tweeting to search for the meaning behind the word, “fascism.”

The last time I was looking, Ye was not part of the federal government or even a part of the government. Yeezy does not appear to be a clothing brand that has been recognized by the federal government. But, Ye is stupid rich and knows how to earn (and maintain) his money. Ye is also able to flip the bird in certain situations.

“I am Ye, and everyone here knows that I am the leader,” the man said at one time in reference to his legal name change. “You can’t manage me.”

Ye is certainly an authority figure, but he is also completely in control, which makes it all the more delightful because the Left is experiencing a conniption of epic proportions. In 2005, the time that “Kanye” was screaming on public TV about how President George W. Bush hates Black people, the audience cheered him and applauded.

Then, Ye embraced the Bad Orange Man, and it was…interesting. The liberals blamed him for mental health, and then acted like he was suffering from an infectious disease. They weren’t able to destroy him quickly enough or in a loud enough manner. He was not on the reservations list and needed to be removed.

They failed due to that rich and stupid part and also the fact that Ye is who he truly is and doesn’t require approval. Be it what you think or not and he’ll stand up for the beliefs he holds. He might have dissociated himself away from Trump as well as the MAGA association However, he remains vocal about freedom of speech as well as the negative effects of abortion.

“People feel like they have the right to come to my face and call me crazy, like it doesn’t hurt my feelings, or like you don’t have to be crazy in order to change the world.”

Ye is on another level, quite similar to Elon Musk. Ye is awash with F-U money and a lot of creativity as well as credibility to make it not matter what people say about him. Like he stated in the previous paragraph, he can’t be controlled.

Ye too is a smart businessman. It isn’t possible to earn an estimated total net value in the region of 6.6 billion and increase without the same savvy. As with Musk, Ye is adept at playing to his fans and using the spotlight to his benefit.

Every article about his fashion show seeks a “statement” about the tees. It’s not difficult to understand that Ye was paid more for the way of advertising and marketing than what he could pay Madison Avenue to get. The reality is that Ye is looking for a new deal after having ended his relationship with Gap shouldn’t be ignored by anyone who is watching. This decision will weed out the crowd to only those who are truly people who believe in what the man has to say.