Senator Claims Climate Change is BS…and Gets a Statue Made of Poop Erected by Angry Activists

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Climate change is something that has been ruling the way in which the Democratic Party operates for years now. And really, who is to say that the climate is changing because of what we are (or are not) doing? Some would say that the earth has been slowly evolving since it was created – and there’s nothing that we can do about it.

We’ve seen how much money the Democrats are willing to spend – and there’s little to no oversight on the money, either. Combine that with how some things just don’t work and it’s a disaster.

Just look at all of the people who bought electric cars in Florida – and now as a result of the hurricane, they have no power and, therefore, cannot charge and drive their EVs.

Climate change may be a bunch of “bull$hit” – or at least that’s what Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) had to say recently.

And that’s when he realized he was in big trouble for sharing his comments. Activists immediately jumped into action to give the conservative senator a piece of their mind.

A statue covered in manure of Senator Ron Johnson is making its way through Milwaukee a city in the state he grew up in, Wisconsin.

Proactive activist organizations NextGen PAC and MoveOn unveiled the statue called “scatue,” as per an Associated Press journalist – on the streets of Milwaukee this week on Thursday.

Based on the NextGen PAC, this is part of a plan to persuade “climate-motivated voters” to have Johnson removed from the midterm elections that are scheduled for next year.

The statue was created to criticize Johnson for remarks that the senator made at a GOP dinner in 2021. The luncheon was a time when Johnson played down the impact of climate change, citing Lord Christopher Monckton, a British conservative expert as well as a climate denialist.

“I don’t know about you guys, but I think climate change is — as Lord Monckton said — bull$hit,” Johnson was heard in the moment. In a video released through CNN, Johnson can be seen silently speaking “bull$hit. He did not actually say the word out loud.

“By the way, it is,” Johnson joked during the clip.

These activists took the statue of poop of Johnson to his home state of Tennessee to protest his comments.

“Ron Johnson thinks the climate change devastating communities across the country is ‘bullshit.’ We disagree, and think he’s actually projecting,” MoveOn posted in a tweet on Thursday.

In a separate tweet the same morning, MoveOn uploaded photos that showed climate-change activists gathering around the statue of dung, calling for Wisconsinites “deserve a senator who will act on climate change.”

NextGen also shared a few photos from”the “scatue,” saying that the group had joined MoveOn to “call Ron Johnson’s b****… literally.”

Reps from NextGen, MoveOn, and Johnson have not yet responded to Insider’s requests for comments.

This is a really stinky way for the activists to fight the senator. Meanwhile, Johnson has made no plans to apologize and continues to hold strong to his thoughts that climate change is a waste of both time and money. Those who have bought into the EVs and solar panels are already learning that the climate change argument may just be a big lie.