Murder Charges for Those Who Go Through with an Abortion?

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Doug Mastriano is now a member of the GOP who is running for the governor of Pennsylvania. With abortion being such a hot topic, the liberals decided to get ahold of an interview that Mastriano conducted in 2019.

When asked in 2019 whether he believed women should be arrested for murder for violating the abortion ban that he had proposed, Doug Mastriano, now the Republican candidate as governor for Pennsylvania was quoted as saying: “Yes, I am.”

Mastriano was speaking to WITF the radio station, about a bill that the senator sponsored.

This bill could have prohibited the majority of abortions after heart activity is identified, which occurs around six weeks into the pregnancy. However, not all women realize they are expecting that early into the pregnancy.

Mastriano received the question: “You can give me a yes or no on this. Would that woman who decided to have an abortion which would be considered an illegal abortion be charged with murder?”

Mastriano stated: “OK, let’s go back to the basic question there. Is [a fetus] a human being? Is that a little boy or girl? If it is, it deserves equal protection under the law.”

The former senator has a point – and this is something that many liberals don’t really want to address. if we’re saying that a fetus is a human being, it needs to be protected.

Just look at what happens when someone kills a fetus in a hit and run or DUI – they are charged with manslaughter if a pregnant woman loses the baby.

Still, during the interview, Mastriano was pressed: “So you’re saying yes?”

Mastriano stated: “Yes, I am. If it’s a human being, if it’s an American citizen there, a little baby, I don’t care what nationality it is, it deserves equal rights before the law.”

NBC News reported the remark this past Tuesday. The liberal news outlet was likely excited about sharing such a controversial statement.

Mastriano did not immediately comment.

On Monday of the same week, Mastriano talked to the Republican Real America’s Voice channel: “My views are kind of irrelevant because I cannot rule by fiat or edict or executive order on the issue of life.”

He speaks about how it is up to Pennsylvanians to decide on what they want — the limit of weeks, the exceptions, and so on. He’s prepared to work with the legislative body before he would sign anything.

Mastriano has been a target of controversy, including his ties to the insurrection of January 6.

According to the site for polls, the Republican is trailing Josh Shapiro, his Democratic candidate for the governor’s mansion by over 10 percentage points.

In June, it was the U.S. Supreme Court upheld Roe V Wade The famous 1973 decision guaranteed the right to have an abortion.

Since that time, Democrats have enjoyed a variety of stunning electoral victories that were triggered by issues of the right to abortion, which has been a major factor in Republican regions like Kansas.

In light of reports of an increase in the number of registered voters among females, Democrats are seeking to include abortion rights as a central issue in the midterm elections scheduled for November, where they’ll try to keep control of Congress.

Republicans like Mastriano have tried to minimize the issue, and instead focus on economic messages.

The following day, Shapiro seized on Mastriano’s remarks from 2019.

The Democrat tweeted: “We knew Doug Mastriano would ban abortion in Pennsylvania with no exceptions – even for rape, incest, or life of the mother. We knew he’d throw doctors in jail for performing them.”

Is the fact that Mastriano is willing to charge women who receive an abortion, killing a fetus that would grow into a human being, with murder, such a bad thing? That’s what every voter in Pennsylvania will have to decide.