Jill Biden Gets Unwelcome Greeting in Philadelphia

Andriy Blokhin / shutterstock.com

Jill Biden is guilty by association. She’s married to Joe Biden, making her the First Lady. And the two have been tag-teaming the nation to shove the progressive agenda down every piddly crowd that they can draw close to them.

Jill has gone on record on countless occasions to say that the Philadelphia Eagles are her favorite team in the NFL. Being from Delaware which doesn’t have an NFL team, it makes perfectly good sense. And since the Eagles are considered the best team in the NFL right now, it would seem that they’d want anyone they could get cheering them on as they went up against the Dallas Cowboys this past Sunday.

That was most certainly not the case.

Just as NASCAR fans have been shouting “Let’s Go, Brandon” any time Joe Biden is anywhere in the near vicinity, the Philadelphia fans decided to unleash all of their pent-up anger about the Biden administration out on the First Lady.

Jill Biden was in Philadephia on Sunday, and she attended the Eagles match against Dallas at Lincoln Financial Field.

Biden was named honorary captain for the evening and was at midfield at the time of the coin toss. They showed her photo on the large screen.

The boos erupted and she was the one to blame. It was probably pretty important based on what the crowd was telling the crowd.

This has to cut especially deep since she’s an Eagles fan. After all, her own fan base doesn’t want to see or hear from her.

However, in the end, Americans are just fed up with the mess Biden and her husband have created for the country, and they’ve just expressed their frustration. In light of how much Joe Biden’s actions are harming the people around them, it’s only natural to inform her of what they thought when they had the chance. However, Joe Biden is just in denial and even claims that “the economy is strong as hell.”

John Fetterman better take note of this: Many people in Pennsylvania aren’t happy with the actions of Biden as well as their fellow Democrats. Many others could have something to say on the day of the election.

For reasons that aren’t clear, the videos that have been released about what was happening during an NFL game don’t seem to be reporting everything. The liberal media has made it clear that they don’t want people to know that the First Lady was booed in the worst possible way. It’s almost like they don’t want to believe it happened. Even Outkick made the comment, “We know it happened, so why does the video appear to be hard to find?”

She was part of the battle tune, “Fly Eagles Fly.” She also met with the Sixers superstar Joel Embiid, who was there during the game. There was only a tiny bit of height difference, and there have been plenty of memes already generated that use the height difference to make disparaging comments about the economy. They’re funny, and it only hits home further just how much neither Joe or Jill Biden is being appreciated right now.

When will they get the point and go into hiding as they did during the presidential elections? It’s as if they want to see how many gaffes they can create collectively — and it’s getting hard to keep up with it all.

Jill Biden had quite the weekend — first, she insulted a group at a pride event by forgetting their initials, and, then, she was booed at a game where she’s supposedly one with the fans. Ouch.