Hundreds of Incriminating Violations Found Connected With Hunter Biden’s Laptop

David Gyung /

Hunter Biden is the nation’s best-kept criminal. His presidential father and liberal buddies have surrounded him with a hedge of protection that has kept him from being thrown into prison. But after a long year of investigation into his laptop, the man appears guilty of committing 459 violations of various state and federal laws.

The estranged son of the president left his laptop at a repair store over a year ago to be worked on. One has to wonder what kind of drugs Hunter Biden was taking that allowed him to leave such a loaded instrument in the hands of strangers.

Biden’s brainless effort to fix his laptop seems to have provided prosecutors with what Marco Polo, a nonprofit organization, terms as a map to convict Biden’s son of all the wrongdoing he is involved with. A full report detailing the laptop’s contents has been sent to lawmakers to think through.

The release of the information is perfectly timed. The midterms are right around the corner, and voters are contemplating the dark side of the Biden family. The problem that will come up is that the media will try and hide the truth as long as they can.

The Democratic communist media kept the discovery of the laptop hidden right before the 2020 election just enough to protect the president from being connected to a massive criminal empire run by his son.

Things seem to be well-timed. But some doubt the authenticity of the files contained within the report. Marco Polo took over a year to unearth all the facts in the massive report.

Garrett Ziegler is the founder of Marco Polo. The Daily Wire quoted him as saying, “I’ve been focusing on this for 13 months. It was really a thing of necessity. I recognized how rich the material was. It requires utter focus. It is so hard to write something comprehensive about it and do anything else on the side.”

Hunter Biden wants to have public attention, so now he gets to have it all. Ziegler stated, “There’s been some phenomenal writing so far on sex and depravity. The report focuses on crimes … I had the compulsion to log every crime, even the state-level statutes. The mission is simple: Hold Republicans’ feet to the fire. We don’t want to hear that Republicans need another year to do an investigation. I’ve done that here.”

Ziegler and his organization went through every wire and circuit on the computer. They found all sorts of things that painted a complete picture of the things Hunter Biden was involved with. The president’s son is as dark as he is protected.

The Daily Wire found that Hunter Biden is involved in the failure to report international activities, tax fraud, sex crimes, pornography, and drug dealing within the report. And these items are just at the top of the list.

Ziegler and his team found the truth behind Hunter Biden’s questionable past. And there is no way that the man or his father can recover from the fallout once the public becomes aware of what they both are involved with.

President Biden has used his position of power to keep his son from being incriminated and sent to prison. Law enforcement was kept from the case, and they were not allowed to touch the laptop because they would have found what Marco Polo discovered and charged Hunter Biden with a whole list of crimes.

Ziegler and his team went through over 128,000 emails and searched through massive amounts of data to write their report. And now that everything has been revealed, one U.S. Attorney based out of Delaware is seeking charges against Hunter.

The liberal media will undoubtedly try and cover up the story so it never sees the light of day. And being so close to the midterm elections, any charge against Hunter Biden would damage how people vote for their Democratic candidates. The liberals are set to lose it all because of their failures over the past two years.