Harris Team Releases Schedule, Disappointing Americans Everywhere

lev radin / shutterstock.com

A little over two months after he began his presidency, Joe Biden designated Vice President Kamala Harris to be his “point person” on the border issue, a move that, like many other actions Biden made in the past 20 or so months, turned out to be devastating.

In the process, Harris’ priorities were challenged by certain people within media outlets when the crisis at the borders grew worse and she was spotted in a New Jersey bakery in mid-October eating sweets with Senator Cory Booker (D-N.J.). Meanwhile, DHS Sec. Mayorkas and other top officials from the government were having crucial high-level discussions with Mexico’s president regarding issues at the border.

This wasn’t the first moment that Harris was seen eating sweets from a bakery during the crisis. In the week after Biden had declared her role as border security secretary, Harris was spotted in a Chicago bakery. When asked about the reason Harris was in the bakery, and not at the border, then White House press secretary Jen Psaki incredibly said that Harris was “allowed” a snack like all other Americans could, totally overlooking the obvious issue of how bad the image was.

While she was disgraced by former president Donald Trump into a border visit in the summer of 2021, the visit did not help the situation in the region. It also was portrayed as an unplanned photo-op and that’s exactly what it was.

Here we are, one month away from crucial midterm elections in which illegal immigration is the top concern for voters. This comes at the same time that a record number of illegal migrants are crossing into the United States and Harris has made another visit to Texas.

However, it is not to visit the border.

Harris will be in Austin on Saturday to raise money to support Texas Democrats. More specifically, Beto O’Rourke. It’s as if she thinks they really have a chance to turn the Lone Star State blue. As reported in The New York Post, there is no plan for Harris to move further south.

She has been attacked for not speaking out about the raging humanitarian crisis, even though migrants were taken away in front of her house. She has no plans to travel further south in the time she’s in the state, sources told The Post on Tuesday. And it wouldn’t even be that hard. But, you know, priorities.

Texas Republican Rep. Tony Gonzales, whose district runs from the hot spot for immigration from Del Rio to just outside El Paso, said he wasn’t informed of any potential trips to his area by Harris on her visit to Texas.

“I don’t understand why the Vice President just won’t take an hour plane ride to the border and just listen, talk to people, just show up and say, ‘Hey, we are here to help.’ Just say, ‘The administration hasn’t abandoned you’ … something!”

Well, priorities and other things include trying to aid Democrats who live in red states and are hoping that this time Beto O’Rourke is actually able to get elected. He hasn’t had much luck in that arena, with a failed attempt at both a seat in the Senate and becoming president. Clearly, he hasn’t gotten the hint that he might not be the most likable guy.

Harris isn’t the only Democrat who has come under fire recently for putting the interests of fundraising before people’s priorities. In the past week, Biden appeared at a lavish D.C. Democratic Governors Association gathering just hours after Ian’s hurricane hit the shores in the southwest of Florida. Such a decision would have caused the media to go into fits should a Republican President do the same.

In any case, even though it’s not listed on Harris’s official schedule, there’s a chance she’ll travel unannounced. If it’s similar to the one she took for El Paso in June 2021, the trip won’t be well-received, as a majority of people in the area are tired of hearing this administration speak from both sides of their mouths, while failing to properly and effectively deal with the issue.