Girls Just Want to Have WHAT Now?

J.A. Dunbar /

“Girls just want to have fun…” You could probably sing the rest of the song by heart. Well, the pop star believes girls want a lot more in the 21st century. And rather than keep her political opinions to herself, she’s decided to launch into an epic battle.

Pop singer Cyndi Lauper has revealed that she founded an anti-abortion foundation she names “Girls Just Want to Have Fundamental Rights,” an organization she says was an inspiration from her mother’s passing.

The 69-year-old singer whose “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” song was made into an 80s anthem claimed that her “incredible” late mother, Cathrine Lauper, was the inspiration to create the fund

“If you don’t have control over your own body, how can you be anything but a second-class citizen?” Lauper stated. “Now, the government has control over your body — not you. What should be a private medical decision between you and your doctor is now a government decision. So, this is a big issue for me.”

Her mother died in June, however, she was candid about her mother’s struggles due to an unhappy marriage.

“I got to see firsthand the inequalities and the dichotomy of what it was like to be a woman in the world,’ she told People, adding that the lesson helped her have a ‘very low level for BS,” Lauper declared.

The liberals are likely to come for her head. After all, liberals insist that white women, especially ones who have made as much as Lauper, can’t experience inequality.

“She was incredible, and I’m just lucky that I got to have her as my mom because it inspired me to do so many things, including this Girls Just Wanna Have Fundamental Rights Fund,” Lauper added.

Lauper announced her decision on Instagram.

Lauper added that she believes that a “fundamental civil right for half of the population” is taken away in the wake of when it was revealed that the Supreme Court rescinded Roe v. Wade this year and prompted Lauper to establish her group. Lauper said that she’s joining forces with the left-wing Tides Foundation for her new campaign.

“We must push back, which is why I am launching the Girls Just Want to Have Fundamental Rights Fund at the Tides Foundation,” she said.

She believes it is more important than ever that organizations advancing women’s rights and outreach programs ensure access to safe and legal abortion, reproductive health, and prenatal care and that they have the financial resources they need to do their “life-saving” work.

Lauper said that women do not enjoy “full equality” in the United States. She also claimed that she was aware of the way “back alley abortions” affected women, stating “Young people don’t know what it’s like.” According to the singer, she witnessed it everyday.

Contrary to the claims of the singer, however, there is no doubt that those who are liberal like the Washington Post have denied the claims of abortion advocates like Planned Parenthood that say “thousands of women” passed away each year due to illegal abortions.

In a “Fact Check” analysis from 2019 The Washington Post found that, “there is no evidence that in the years immediately preceding the Supreme Court’s decision, thousands of women died every year in the United States from illegal abortions.”

This may be just a publicity stunt for Lauper. Who knows…she may announce an album dropping next month now that she’s back to being relevant.