Democratic Senate Nominee Cries that Rioters Can’t Be Told Not to Riot Because of THIS

Bumble Dee /

Riots often get out of hand — and often, they are led by Democrats who insist that they are rioting to be heard. There are plenty of ways to be heard without causing significant property damage and putting lives at risk. Yet, there’s a Democratic Senate nominee from North Carolina who is jumping in to defend every single rioter. Cheri Beasley is definitely giving everyone something to think about.

In spite of the obvious insanity which we’ll get to in the future — North Carolina Democrat Senate nominee Cheri Beasley believes that protesters suffer “legitimate pain,” and she believes that “it’s not that simple” to say no to riot during her remarks on George Floyd riots in Raleigh, North Carolina.

“It is shocking to see our workplaces, businesses, and community spaces damaged, but we must recognize the legitimate pain and weight of years of disparate treatment that fuels these demonstrations. We must be willing to hear that message — even when we are saddened by the way it is delivered.” She continued on. “We must decry the failures of justice and equity — just as forcefully as we decry violence. It is not enough to say to protesters, ‘Go home and follow the rules.’ It’s just not that simple.”

According to Julio Rosas, who wrote at RedState’s online sister website Townhall, Beasley, who has been the state’s Supreme Court chief justice, stated last week that the violence-filled Black Lives Matter riots that occurred throughout the U.S. in the aftermath of Floyd’s passing in 2020 “have been really fruitful,” and then added: “I think our conversations across the board are very different.”

“Very different” Beasley meant broad “white supremacy” accusations at people of color. Americans who, as a result of the shade of their skin have been born suffering from “systemic racism,” and those with lighter skin must live their lives apologizing for their whiteness through actively adopting “anti-racist” behavior, according to Beasley.

Should we begin with Beasley’s hypocrisy, or do we dismiss the validity of the laws that govern our land? Let’s take both.

Beasley declared that people with different views whether legitimate or not, ought to be excused or recognized for breaking the law against violence, looting, and random violent riots. The hypocrisy is obvious, except if Beasley and her leftist colleagues consider that similar “logic” should apply to the 6 January Capitol protesters who were detained without charge and branded “insurrectionists” by Democrat lawmakers.

As Rosas stated in the Townhall article, Beasley recently reiterated her opinion on the BLM violence that rocked the country in the summer of 2020.

“So the protesting has been helpful. I’m sorry that there’s been an effort to be divisive around it because I believe the protests have offered an opportunity to allow people to really think differently. It’s not supposed to be easy. I understand that folks are concerned about violence and all of that, but that’s a dis-detraction in my mind around what the real issues are.”

But, even though January 6 protesters smashed through the U.S. Capitol Building, they did not loot or burn or murder 25 people. What was Cheri Beasley’s view of the protest? Silence.

She’s hypocritical and silent in the worst possible way. However, should America be expecting anything more? What was the response of the justice system and the Democrat-controlled Congress to respond to what was done to the Jan. 6 defendants?