Biden’s Speech on Abortion Leaves Everyone Wishing They Didn’t Vote Blue No Matter Who

Ron Adar /

We knew the moment that the Democrats started with their “vote blue no matter who,” the country was in trouble. We just didn’t know how much trouble until we saw Joe Biden in action.

Every time we see him at the podium, we’re reminded of why an 80-year-old man should not be president. And the fact that the liberals in the White House continue to defend him should terrify us all.

It seems as if the Democrats are obsessed with abortion. They are exploiting the issue so tremendously that you would think that everyone is out getting abortions. It only affects a very small percentage of Americans. Plus, we’ve already fact-checked the lies about the number of people who die every year as a result of “back alley abortions.”

Biden gave a speech on Tuesday that was supposed to be a landmark event. The problem is that it’s Biden speaking, and nothing ever goes as planned.

The senility was on full display as he tried to compare abortion rights to gay marriage.

“The right that I pushed hard and I finally got changed to marry couples in the privacy of their bedroom.”

Wow, this makes no sense at all. First, Biden was not responsible for the Obergefell decision in the slightest. Second, he makes it sound as though couples are getting married IN their bedrooms.

Either he was going rogue in the middle of his speech or his cue cards got shuffled.

And as for pronouncing the name of the case, well, he botched that one up, too. Shouldn’t the president be doing a read-through on the notes beforehand to ensure that he can actually SAY everything he’s supposed to say? It’s almost as if the staff writers have given up and hope that he falls flat enough so that there’s no choice but to 25th amendment him out the door.
Still, Biden continues with little to no regard for what is coming out of his mouth. He talks about how the 9th Amendment is designed to provide a right to privacy. That would be great, except that a right to privacy isn’t what’s covered within that amendment. And we don’t actually have a right to privacy.

The best part of the whole speech is when he ends with “God bless you all, and may God protect our troops. Thank you. I’m sorry.”

The speech appears to be over, and the music starts up. However, Biden turns around and addresses everyone one last time. Probably because someone said something in his earpiece as to why he just apologized. We could only guess that he was apologizing that he’s the best that our country has for a president.

Instead, he said, “I was apologizing for my back.” There were people behind him – and perhaps he was apologizing to them? Unlikely, though, considering that he’s had people behind him in almost every speech he’s ever given and never felt the need to apologize.

And if you catch enough of what the president did after his “landmark abortion speech,” you can see him shaking hands with a girl. He doesn’t let go of her hand as he continues to talk to other people. And he even goes in to pinch her cheeks. And it’s disgusting. Really. This cannot possibly be the best that we can get into the White House right now, can it?

Perhaps we’re supposed to just look the other way with Biden’s senility so that we’re not left with Kamala Harris as our commander-in-chief? At this point, which is the better of the two evils? An old man that gets lost leaving a stage or a woman who cackles anytime she’s uncomfortable with a subject?