Biden Administration Refused To Help Stop Illegal Immigration Convoy in Guatemala

Saeschie Wagner /

Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei recently sat down with Daily Caller News Foundation (DCNF) to talk about the absolute failure of the immigration policies in the US. For his part in the efforts, Giammattei firmly knows he could have prevented a lot of the illegals from coming to the US had President Biden just agreed to send the resources to help.

All he asked from Biden was the movement of some deportation buses and planes to be staged in Guatemala. This way they could be cut off, rounded up, and transported back home. Thus saving the US Government (and the American taxpayer) a substantial amount, something President Biden turned a blind eye to. He’s hoping for better cooperation in the future so they can stop the problem faster.

“Having all of these people in the United States costs the U.S. government millions and millions of dollars. We have suggested that they should keep the airplanes here so that we ourselves can deport them back to their countries of origin, be it Haiti or be it whatever the country. If they keep their airplanes here, we can send them back. Otherwise, why wait until the people reach U.S. soil to then spend millions and millions of dollars to then send them back?”

These questions by Giammattei are the perfect questions to be asking. Given that current laws in Guatemala sends all non-Central Americans to Honduras, it still allows for re-entry with different efforts. Several Afghans were recently sent to Honduras. Within a matter of days, they crossed back into Guatemala and eventually Mexico. According to the President, with American buses, they could have sent a lot more people back to their home countries.

Listening to him, the only way things would have been improved is with better US-Guatemala relations. With claims of the Office of International Migration (OIM or IOM) aiding in the movement of illegal migrants, there is a serious problem. Presently, the US partially funds the agency.

“And as far as the IOM, they will take action only when a person becomes a voluntary returnee, they will say, ‘Oh, no, he doesn’t want to go back.’ So they just let them go through. And this is something we cannot allow.”

This is a delicate situation, and the help of Guatemala is something the US should never have said no to. We have more than enough buses and planes to help prevent these problems from making it to the US. Would it have meant dedicating US resources to Guatemala? Sure thing. Would that potentially save the US far more money and even more stress? You bet.

Ever since taking office, Biden has let a nickel hold up a dollar at every turn. From the oil and gas industry to immigration, to inflation, the real-life “Weekend At Bernie’s” President is forcing the American people into economic failure. He hasn’t made a move that helps the American people since he started campaigning. While he has taken some of the Trump policies under his wing, he still hasn’t accepted how he has screwed up so far.

With just over two years left with this clown in office, there is a lot he needs to adjust. As Guatemalan President Giammattei indicated, Biden is unreceptive to outside help on the immigration problems the country is facing. God only knows what other terrific ideas and offers he has passed on since being President. For now, we can thank Biden for each and every illegal immigrant. We were finally starting to turn the corner, then the poster child for dementia showed up.