AOC Plays Dumb to the Real Reason There’s Homelessness in New York

Ron Adar /

Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (AOC) said she’s working alongside Mayor Adams to seek additional federal housing funds to assist those in the Big Apple with the migrant crisis, but she did not call President Biden to protect the border, and instead praised the surge of asylum seekers.

The congresswoman told reporters that they are working together in conjunction with City Hall on applying for grants from the Office of Housing and Urban Development.

“We are in close communication with the mayor’s office and getting the resources necessary. If some states don’t want to do their job on that, that’s fine. But then those federal resources should come to New York City, and those federal dollars should come to places that want to take care of people, and we need that financial support. We are closely monitoring the situation.”

City Hall Chief of Staff Frank Carone asked about the comments of AOC and stated, “As we navigate this crisis we appreciate the support from our entire congressional delegation who knows full well the resources we need.”

Adams this week declared a state crisis as the city tries to take on 19,000 asylum seekers, which includes 5,500 predominantly Spanish-speaking migrant students enrolled in schools with no bilingual teachers.

Ocasio-Cortez was asked about what she could do to protect the border of southern Mexico to stop the influx of immigrants.

A retired firefighter asked her during the session of questions and answers, “There is no solution. We have foreign nationals by the millions pouring in illegally. Flooding our country. You are a member of Congress. Writing our immigration laws… What will you do with the immigration law to secure the southern border?”

He claimed the fact that 95 percent of refugees seeking asylum in the US have been classified as “economic migrants” not affluent foreigners who are politically persecuted and are, therefore, not eligible to apply for asylum on the basis of political convictions.

“It’s legal to seek asylum at the United States border. It’s legal. It’s legal. It’s legal to claim asylum.” AOC frequently emphasized the “rights” of asylum seekers while not recognizing the burden it’s placed on the border and, now, New York’s communities.

AOC wants to open the ways for MORE people to enter the US rather than shutting down the border.

She also accused the US of the instability that’s affecting Latin American countries that are driving the flow of migrants towards the southern border.

“We don’t want these crises but we need to accept responsibility for our contribution to them.”

It’s a socialist-led government that governs the ailing nation of Venezuela which is a US adversary.

The congresswoman claimed that her opinion that the US process for obtaining citizenship is in a state of disarray, with an enormous backlog of applicants for citizenship that can span decades, and it’s not practical to imagine asylum seekers could sit on the waiting list.

“If we don’t want people here illegally then we should document them!” she stated.

She added that immigration is an advantage in the US and she pointed out the decline in the population of countries such as Japan due to an absence of immigration. AOC tried to explain how the US and its economy are dependent on all of these migrants. She doesn’t want to address the crime and homelessness that they bring into the cities, though.

“This is New York City. We are who we’ve always been. Check out this room. Everyone is from somewhere. We can’t turn our backs and pretend that those who come here to find new opportunities are different than Italian or Irish Americans coming here in 1910.” Oh, but we can. You know, because of immigration laws.

Last month, Ocasio-Cortez alleged of the Republican governors from Texas as well as Florida of committed “crimes against humanity” for transporting migrants from the border region to cities that are liberal like New York — though it turned out it was Democratic city mayors from border communities like El Paso were in support of such actions.