Pelosi Shows Her True Colors by Disregarding Voters

lev radin /

The polls are what we depend on to know what Americans like you and I are thinking. What are the hot topics? Well, they have been the same for a while now, and most politicians know what they are, too. That is if they’re listening to the American people – through the polls.

The answer is the same almost every time: Inflation economy and criminality. Poll after poll confirms that. Every interviewer who has been interviewed about the subject says the exact same.

Based on a recent Harvard-Harris poll, the majority of voters believe that Democrats are focusing on Jan. 6th as well as women’s rights and climate change – none of which can even make the top spot on issues for Americans during this election. In the midst of all the economic issues, this is what the Democrats are focusing their attention on, as well as creating division and vilifying Republicans. They’re more concerned with the climate crisis rather than solving our energy issues – which actually, they have made up because of their obsession with climate change.

Andrea Mitchell had House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) on MSNBC and, after kissing her feet and saying the trio of her, Pelosi, and Joe Biden did great things in the name of their fellow American citizens, Andrea Mitchell inquired about the concern of the American people regarding rising crime and inflation.

As RNC Research tweeted, “NBC’s Steve Kornacki: Republicans have a ‘clear advantage’ on voters’ most important issues — the economy and inflation.”

Pelosi says she believes the NY Times poll about the most important issues can be described as an “outlier” poll and that she isn’t in agreement with the results. “I dismiss that,” Pelosi stated. She said she’d been traveling to a variety of states, and claimed she could affirm to Mitchell she was aware that “women’s concerns about their freedom” are still an issue.

Women are concerned about having enough food for their families, and they are aware they are in a position where Pelosi as well as the Democrats make it very difficult to achieve. That’s the reason Democrats do not want to discuss the issue of food security being important in the current climate and the reason why Pelosi refuses to acknowledge that they are. It’s a travesty to the American people to deny this. Why should anyone support the Democrats after seeing her as Speaker of the House making this claim?

Pelosi continued to get involved and claimed that a large reason for inflation was Biden was the one who created millions of jobs. It would be hilarious in the event that this blatant lie wasn’t completely wrong on every level. It’s not true, Biden didn’t create any jobs. People went back to work following the pandemic – this isn’t a way to create jobs.

However, it wasn’t the cause of inflation in any way – it was the extravagant spending of the Democrats who controlled the government. If they had a genuine concern for Americans instead of their own agenda then they would have taken the warnings regarding spending that tripped off inflation more seriously. However, they didn’t.

Imagine this kind of privileged take by Pelosi. It’s likely that inflation isn’t really affecting her and she has no issue buying her favorite ice cream. However, not everyone has been able to become rich from the government teet as she has in the billion years she’s been in the office.

It’s typical for Democrats similar to Biden as well as Pelosi to just ignore facts and shrug off their fellow American people. The reality is there regardless of how they try to deny it. Americans are likely to turn up and let Democrats what they value most with no ambiguity in November. Republicans ought to put the words Pelosi stated on a billboard that show how Democrats do not care about how they’re harming Americans.