Weingarten Plays the Blame Game Over School Closures

Ayman Haykal / shutterstock.com

The Democrats loved the ability to make life miserable for people during the pandemic. They took it upon themselves to force people to stay at home, wear pointless masks, stay six feet away from every other human being, and close the schools for the better half a year.

Their reckless behavior and fear-driven decision-making skills pushed people to the limit. And now, the same leaders are trying to backpedal and make it look like it is not their fault for the crippling effect it has had on students.

Randi Weingarten is the president of the American Federation of Teachers. Her promotion of school closures kept young minds from learning and advancing with knowledge and people skills. Her inability to let students learn has an unmeasurable cost attached to it. But instead of accepting responsibility for the fallout of her decisions, she wants to blame other reasons why students were kept out of the classrooms.

Weingarten was blamed for the fallout of the school closures. But she decided to write a letter to the editor of the Wall Street Journal, which ran the accusing article and tried to blame Donald Trump, Betsy DeVos, and other Republicans for failure to act timely with keeping schools open.

The Democrats thought they had it all together when they took control of the country and shattered the hopes and dreams of people surviving the pandemic. The young minds were hit the hardest because they lost over a year of learning and mental development of being able to interact with their friends and teachers.

Breitbart reported that the academic loss amounts to the worst the nation has seen in over 30 years of public-school learning. Weingarten could not accept those figures and just had to somehow clear her name of being responsible for the terrible way that the youth of America have been treated over the past two years by Democrats.

She took the time to tweet a response that read, “Thankfully after two years of disruption from a pandemic that killed more than 1 mil Americans, schools are already working on helping kids recover and thrive. This is a year to accelerate learning by rebuilding relationships, focusing on the basics.”

The Wall Street Journal article mentioned that “’You’d think this would be cause for reflection by our education elites, but no such luck,’ Weingarten ‘pushed shutdowns as long as she possibly could before parents revolted. Media headlines blamed ‘the pandemic,’ as if Covid-19 ran America’s school districts and decided to force students to sit at home in front of screens for more than a year. Educators—as they call themselves—did that.’”

Weingarten and her staff were rightfully blamed for the horrors the kids have had to endure. America lost several years of learning advancement because of the fear of a few Democrats that could not see the bigger picture. They were more concerned about seizing power than working to keep education moving forward.

The only thing that Weingarten could do was attack the article and who wrote it. She blamed those who came before her and the other side of the political aisle. All she had to do was accept the fallout and implement a plan to help kids catch up with the rest of the world.

She pointed out that Trump and his staff planned to get things open and move forward again. But what she failed to mention was that it was the liberal party that killed those plans and put the second set of plans in place that effectively closed schools down for another year.

She even went as far as to point out that violence and other atrocities are increasing because she believes that Trump is somehow responsible for those issues. But those things are up because the Democrats allowed thugs to take over and get away with committing crimes.

America was on the path to greatness until Joe Biden and his staff took over. The president was able to singlehandedly put America on a path to ruin.