Truth of Facebook’s Involvement in Censoring Political Content Hits the Fan As Facebook Head Tells All

Jirapong Manustrong /

The massive fallout from the 2020 presidential election continues to happen as one liberal-controlled entity rats out another. The midterm elections are forcing liberals to reveal the truth behind past actions because they have a desperate need to appear truthful and reliable. But the facts reveal that none of them can be trusted with the truth, let alone running the country.

During the campaign days of the 2020 presidential election cycle, social media platforms severely censored conservatives from sharing news stories on their pages. Social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook would lock out users, claiming that the offender had violated some made-up policy.

Their violation of the right to freedom of speech caused many social media users to move their accounts to more conservative-based platforms. Big Tech had proven that they could no longer be trusted to act impartially to highly charged content being passed around on their platforms.

But every good liberal has a hard time keeping their mouth shut when it comes to being exposed or telling the truth and blaming someone else for dastardly deeds.

NBC News reported that Mark Zuckerberg had much to claim about how his beloved Facebook deliberately withheld a story related to Joe Biden’s son and his involvement in illegal activity. The liberals needed to protect Joe Biden’s image because they needed him to take the White House.

Zuckerberg’s admission of guilt caused the FBI to respond in such a way as to hide their involvement and give them an excuse for their part in the crooked coverup. The agency claimed that they could only warn of the dangers of sharing information, but they never forced any entity to take any action to help hide the truth from the world.

NBC News reported that Zuckerberg even used the FBI to justify his actions by pointing out that “The Facebook cofounder said the FBI is a ‘legitimate institution’ and that the warning prompted him to ‘take that seriously.’ The story was allowed to remain on Facebook, albeit with limited exposure, Zuckerberg said.”

The FBI’s response was a classic example of how an organization will respond to keep itself from taking too much negativity in an attempt to protect its image. NBC News had reported that the FBI stated “it has provided companies with ‘foreign threat indicators’ to help protect their platforms and customers, but that it “cannot ask, or direct, companies to take action on information received. The FBI routinely notifies U.S. private sector entities, including social media providers, of potential threat information, so that they can decide how to better defend against threats.’”

In a twist of fate, the FBI also reported that they did warn Big Tech of international trouble. Still, they did not mention limiting the truthful content being passed around about Hunter Biden. They could not admit that they had a hand in the political censoring their liberal masters needed them to participate in.

Hunter Biden’s international fame was made possible by his dad’s position as vice president. Joe Biden used his influence to help his son get a powerful position on an international energy company board. Biden’s actions that day were illegal, and they both should have been exposed, but the social media giants refused to let the truth spread on their systems.

Facebook deliberately censored the truth that Hunter Biden was paid $11 million posing as an attorney and as the board member of the energy company. The business itself was also accused of bribery. And Hunter Biden was also accused of being involved with a Chinese man known to commit fraud.

The duplicity showing up in liberal organizations is comical. They love to work together until the truth comes out and the world discovers how crooked and manipulative they are. Facebook blames the FBI, and the law enforcement agency blames Facebook for misreading its warning about international threats.

But in the end, both entities had a part in limiting the rights of Americans. They thought they had worked out all the details on how to bury the truth. But the truth will always surface and reveal the people behind the crime.