The Latest TikTok Trend Involving Nyquil is Deadly

Arne Beruldsen /

Are you familiar with marinating your chicken using NyQuil?

I’m hoping for yes. Since a lot of users are using it due to a TikTok trend. The Food and Drug Administration has issued a warning.

In a recent update on social media issues, The FDA clarified the risks associated with taking the medication if it’s not necessary as well as the dangers of boiling it.

A recent video on social media challenge has people cooking chicken with NyQuil (acetaminophen dextromethorphan and Doxylamine) or a similar OTC cold and cough medicine probably to consume.

The concept sounds ridiculous and unappetizing, and it’s. However, it can also be extremely dangerous. The process of boiling a drug could make it more concentrated, and alter its properties in different ways. Even if you don’t consume your chicken during cooking, breathing in smoke from the medication while cooking can result in high levels of substances to be absorbed into your body. It can also harm the lung tissue. In simple terms: One might take a potentially high quantity of cold and cough medicine without realizing it.

NyQuil’s official Twitter handle is responding to concerns regarding concerns about the “inappropriate use” of the medication.

“We appreciate the concern,” they said to one user. “Consumer security is our top priority and we do not advocate the misuse by our products. NyQuil can be described as an OTC medication that is used to treat the symptoms at night that are common to flu and cold, and we recommend that consumers only take it as directed by an appropriate dosing container.”

Some have taken to Twitter to be amused that there are enough people cooking this way to call for warnings.

“Please don’t do this. If you want chemicals in your food just eat fake meat,” the restaurant owner Andrew Gruel stated.

“1. Please don’t force us to include ‘NyQuil chicken’ to the dictionary. 2. Don’t cook your chicken using NyQuil,” tweeted.

As of Tuesday, the hashtag #sleepychicken has been used in more than 1.3 million video views on TikTok and has seen a lot of users protesting against the cooking technique and a warning about safety appears when users type in the hashtag on the app. The videos of people cooking NyQuil chicken are being widely mocked on the internet as well, with NyQuil becoming the No. 1 hashtag on Twitter Tuesday, following the FDA’s announcement.

The NyQuil chicken challenge isn’t just the latest danger some trend to be seen via social media. The coronavirus outbreak has prompted people to lick the surfaces of public spaces. The Blackout challenge, which sees individuals choke themselves until they fall unconscious and then fall unconscious, has led to numerous deaths.

“Kids are biologically built to become much more susceptible to peers in adolescence, and social media has magnified those peer influence processes to be much, much more dangerous than they were before,” Mitchell Prinstein, chief scientist for the American Psychological Association, told USA TODAY in the past year. “These kids are being influenced at a level that’s beyond their conscious awareness.”

Another potentially dangerous TikTok trend is to hold your breath until you are exhausted. The practice can be up to the point of brain damage or even death. Different variations of this pattern are also known in the “choke game,” which appeared in the years before TikTok. (Time magazine says that 82 children were killed during the games between the years 1995 between 1995 and 2007, in the United States alone.)

The tooth challenge is also available. It’s a game where people file their teeth using the aid of a nail file. Dental professionals and students were required to explain the reason why this technique was so risky. It can damage the enamel of the user’s teeth and can cause damage to teeth over the long run.

If you’re looking for recipes, you could try marinating your chicken in Italian dressing in place of it.