Taliban Rule in Afghanistan Presents a Huge Threat to the Entire Globe (and Not Just From Traditional Terrorism)

Naeblys / shutterstock.com

After getting a 20-year break from Taliban rule, the people in Afghanistan are back to facing those same threats they faced for decades. Quickly snatching control after the American troops left and making short work of the Afghan National Army, they wasted no time returning their version of law and order.

Gone were the freedoms for women to continue their education, and the hopes for something besides terrorism and opium for the boy’s future. The country may as well never have the US occupy it for years. This power vacuum was worse than anything they had seen in years. While it was indeed up to the people of Afghanistan to take the lead in their defense, they collapsed like a cheap suit under the pressure of doing it.

With the Taliban now fully in control of the whole country, things are already going to hell. Terrorist organizations like al Qaeda are permitted to flourish in the region. New organizations like ISIS-K are just too big to stop. They’re supported by poppy fields that are once again growing at full force, and now they have an almost endless supply of opium-derived products like heroin to sell dirt cheap and support their cause.

Naturally, human rights, especially for women, are sinking horrifically. Everything is about supporting the Taliban and their bastardized version of Islam. There is no middle ground, no compromise, and no understanding of others having their own beliefs. People, in turn, are starving. And there is a massive uptick in violence in the region. It’s all happening to reestablish that sense of true Taliban rule and dependence.

Former U.S. ambassador-at-large for global women’s issues, Kelley Eckels Currie spoke with Fox News about the Taliban’s return. “What you’re seeing with the Taliban in control of Afghanistan is increasingly a failed state. That is what has happened over the past year. We’re going to continually be confronted with the consequences of this disorder, chaos and instability, misgovernance, and all of these things. They’re going to come knocking on our doorstep in one form or another, whether it’s refugees or violent extremism.”

By becoming the central hub for all things terrorism to grow and flourish yet again, the country is well on its way to becoming a hotbed for violence across the globe. The Taliban has too many reasons to be hospitable to these organizations, and to keep them happy and doing their terror training camps there. The vast number of unused hills and space is incredible. By allowing other groups to use it the bonds only grow stronger, and the globe suffers more.

Right now, another humanitarian crisis is already brewing. People who aren’t directly involved with the Taliban are losing out on their jobs, their crops, their farm animals, basically anything that allows them to thrive as a people is now gone back to the Taliban so their mission can be supported. This time, they are largely on their own as the American people are unable to come back and bail them back out.

Currie also talked about how this will cause opium use and trade levels to skyrocket.

“Historically, when there is conflict and instability in Afghanistan … you see an explosion of the opium and heroin trade out of Afghanistan. This has huge implications, not just for Europe, which is the primary market for that poppy, but also for the global market. If a flood into the market decreases the price in Europe, it’s going to have an impact on the price of opioids here in the United States. When the price for heroin drops, it means that it is more widely available, more accessible.”

Add this in with China’s attempts to rush and mine in Afghanistan, and you now have a cash cow of a country with a terrorism problem. This won’t end well for everyone, all thanks to Biden.