Shifting Places of Origins for Illegal Immigrants Throws a Huge Wrench in Biden’s Immigration Plans

Andrey_Popov /

For decades, the southern border has been synonymous with Mexicans crossing over here illegally and being apprehended by U.S. officials. The last few years saw a massive rise in border crossers coming from Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador; an area better known as the Northern Triangle. Now, the statistics have shifted yet again.

Brought on by the impacts of COVID, Cuba, Colombia, Nicaragua, and Venezuela are soaring at an unprecedented pace. Looking at the data, this shift in migrants also happened to coincide with President Biden winning the presidency.

The people of these countries knew how soft he would take immigration. They knew that with Sleepy Joe in office they could get away with the move as he wouldn’t care about them coming here.

They were right, too. Since taking office, he has been unable to keep up with the changes in immigration and preventing people from coming here who shouldn’t be here. Associate Director of Immigration Studies, David Bier doesn’t think that this perception of his actions is exactly fair.

“What he’s dealing with, in terms of trying to restrict entry to the country, is completely different than what any other president has had to deal with. Those realities are not really reflected in just the overall numbers. Looking at the number of people crossing, it’s just not representative of the unique circumstances of having to handle flows from so many different countries and many countries outside of this continent.”

The perception that Biden is dealing with something brand new is something every President can say when it comes to illegal immigration or any situation. This kind of adaptation and change is a part of the mystery of what makes America so unique. As a nation, we have taken in those seeking asylum from across the globe. We are the truest melting pot of people on the face of the earth.

So, when President Biden takes actions that tell the American people that we are about to become an even bigger blend of backgrounds, it naturally alarms people. Where are these new residents coming from? What do we know about them? Why are they being allowed to stay after breaking the law coming here?

The answers to each of those questions boil down to one solid but horrible answer, we just don’t know. Unless they are captured, we don’t know the answers to the first two questions, and the third one is simply because Biden is too afraid of losing the minority vote over this subject. So, if he hands them papers and makes them Americans, he ensures he gets votes for the party in the coming years and coming generations.

Planning to stock the voting booths with people who feel a sense of indebtedness to you and your party is a move no party should be making. Yet, the Democrats will gladly run that play every time they can. Getting the right to look like they are heartfelt for trying to protect their own is exactly the message they are trying to push with this change.

Yet, for Biden, these new migrants aren’t the kind to vote for him. It’s not the citizenship or the safety that Biden is touting that they care about. Instead, it’s the prosperity this country is known for. The Republican-led economy is what will benefit them and their families most. They are coming here now when the coming is good so that they are already in place for 2024 when things go back to the Republicans completely.

As much as Biden is trying to make this into a liberal utopia, he is only taking us to the liberal hellhole that everyone but the squad can see on the horizon.

When good patriotic Americans stand up against this, they are there to push us back, but enough is enough. When Biden’s plan for success fails, we’ll be there to pick up the pieces, yet again.