Sen. Marco Rubio Blasts His Opponent’s “Outrageous Position” on Abortion

Rich Koele /

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) went full throttle against his radical left-leaning opponent, Rep. Val Demings (D-FL), over the weekend. He made it clear to voters in Florida that she believes abortion “should be paid by taxpayers, at any time, including potentially the day the child is due for delivery.” Rubio said that this is an “outrageous” position.

Sen. Rubio was asked by NBC 6’s Jackie Nespral why he believes abortion should be in the hands of states, and he replied that it was simple.

“Because it’s nowhere in the Constitution. There’s nothing in the Constitution about abortion, and that’s all the Supreme Court said. This is an issue that needs to be decided at the state legislative level just like anything else,” Rubio said.

He went further to explain that it was better for each state to determine where it stands on the abortion issue so that the people have an option to reverse course through elections.
He also made it clear that Rep. Demings refuses to let the voters know exactly what restrictions on abortions she supports.

Rubio acknowledged that he believes that innocent human life is worthy to be protected through our laws, but he also confessed that some bills may not go as far as he would like them to. He said he will continue to support bills that have restrictions because he is in favor of supporting any legislation that saves lives.

Rubio reiterated that his opponent believes in abortion even up to the day of delivery and said, “That’s an outrageous position because — and you have to have that position if you’re going to be endorsed by Planned Parenthood and NARAL the way she is,” he said.

And then Rubio went into detail about his personal opinion on abortion. He said it was a moral issue about life. He doesn’t want to diminish the right that people have to control what happens to their bodies but said that there are two bodies in this issue. One is an innocent human life that the law should protect.

The senator believes that most Americans will agree that after four months in the womb, life should be protected.

He reminded people that if a pregnant woman is killed by a reckless driver today, that driver is going to face two charges, one for the mother’s life and one for the baby’s life. Rubio said that our laws already recognize human life in the womb.

On the other hand, Rep. Demings has expressed an extreme position on abortion and she refuses to identify when she thinks abortion should be illegal. All she concedes is a vague position on abortion up to the point of “viability,” but she won’t say when that occurs.

Demings said in an interview with CBS Miami’s Jim DeFede, “But what I also hear as I travel the state of Florida, from women and men, is that we’re not going back to a place where women are treated like second-class citizens, women and girls that were treated like property.”

But she would not elaborate on the point of viability in that interview. She focused on the health care portion of reproductive rights, saying that women should have the chance to receive counsel from their doctors in the privacy of the doctor’s office. The woman and the doctor should make the decision, and she suggested that each doctor should help decide when viability is for the baby. “But that’s my position — that I support a woman’s right to an abortion up to the point of viability,” Demings said.

Rubio is making her position known in his conservative state. And according to some polls, he only leads the race by one point.