Putin…Going Blind and Dying of Cancer?

Harold Escalona / shutterstock.com

We’re hearing a lot about Putin’s health right now…but what can we believe?

This week, Russian president Vladimir Putin has pledged to send another 300,000 troops to Ukraine and also to call Russian military reservists in active service. It’s causing many within the country to panic – and some residents are desperate to get out of the country as quickly as possible.

In May, an article reported that an unidentified Russian intelligence official claims that Putin is in danger of losing his sight and will have a limited lifespan due to his health conditions deteriorating further.

According to a Mirror report, an FSB officer stated that Putin suffers from “rapidly progressing cancer” and was given up to three years of life by doctors.

“We are told he is suffering from headaches and when he appears on TV he needs pieces of paper with everything written in huge letters to read what he’s going to say. They are so big each page can only hold a couple of sentences. His eyesight is seriously worsening,” the spy told the media outlet.

The report also pointed out how it was reported that the Russian President’s health has reached such a deteriorating condition that his legs shake in “uncontrollable ways.”

But, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov refuted the reports and claimed there was no evidence of any illness.

The reports come in the midst of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia that is dragging on for seven months. There have been some who question Putin’s motives and mind in initiating the military assault.

The report claims that a Russian intelligence officer has said that president Vladimir Putin has been given three years to live because Putin is suffering from “rapidly progressing cancer,” the Independent reported in the report.

It is amid increasing speculation about Putin’s condition declining quickly. Yet, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Sunday denied reports that Putin was ill. Putin was suffering from illness and said there was no evidence of further illness. This leaves us wondering who to believe. It is likely that Putin is ill – there’s the strong desire to keep it all under wraps. It’s much like what the Democrats are doing for Joe Biden, though we’re not supposed to be onto what they’re doing.

Independent also said in its article that the FSB official shared the latest information details about the health of Putin in a letter to the former Russian intelligence agent Boris Karpichkov, who lives in the UK.

Numerous analyses have highlighted Putin’s propaganda reference to The Second World War and the Soviet time period. It is what drives the war with Ukraine and helps us to understand what he’s doing and why.

Expert in radicalization and history Professor Beatrice de Graaf describes Putin’s doctrine of an esoteric Russian country as an illustration of “rational irrationality,” a phrase she borrows from American economics expert Bryan Caplan. “What Putin does is for him a logical, rational consequence of a worldview that is rather mythical, and based on beliefs rather than facts,” De Graaf explained to RTL News.

If Putin is going blind and potentially dying of cancer, this war may be his last hoorah. And if he’s not going to be around to see the end of it, what does it matter to him how many people die in the process? There are a lot of questions and not a lot of reliable answers being given at this point. Whatever the situation in Russia, though, it’s certainly not good.