New York Has Lost Its Mind Regarding the “Real” Immigration Problem

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Mayor Eric Adams of NYC wants the rest of America to contribute $500 million to house the tens of thousands of foreign renters and foreign workers that he’s offering to the city’s business leaders.

City Hall privately asked the White House for the emergency cash halfway through summer, claiming it could only cover one year’s expenses for the displaced people who Adams claims are pushing cities’ shelter systems to “breaking point,” The New York Post shared.

The request comes at a time when House Democratic lawmakers including Rep. Adriano Espaillat (D-NY) are pleading for an additional 500 million to be allocated for “New York City and other safe-haven cities.”

Cities’ financing requests demonstrate how Washington’s immigration policies offer executives, investors from the coast, and landlords a re-imported flow of low-wage employees and renters who are high-occupancy.

The federal policies on migration also offer federal assistance to the poor migrants living in a more expensive, low-wage economy.

This means that the influx of immigrants and aid from the government boosts the business elites’ profits by soaring the cost of housing and reducing ordinary Americans’ pocketbook income and disposable income.

The financial and economic impact of migration is exemplified by California. This massive inflow from California has boosted the population of California by at least 33 percent and has dramatically intensified competition for housing amid an increase in inequality in the economy as well as drug addiction and homelessness.

In California, the median price of a house is $725,000, according to This is three and a half times the amount in 2020, the website stated.

The same trend is taking place the same way in New York. For instance, rents are also extremely expensive In New York partly because the local elite is awash with welcoming, protecting, and aiding illegal immigrants while ignoring ordinary New Yorkers.

This is self-serving support at its finest. Extract Migration is justification by the elites who propagate the 1950s myth that the United States is somehow a “Nation of Immigrants.”

Federally-funded migration is a way to reduce the amount of investment by corporations in worker productivity across the nation and also keep coastal investors from hiring the newest Americans in the heartland states.

Around 408,000 migrants, 54 percent of the 750,000 reside within those four states: California, New York, Texas, and Florida in spite of the fact that these states make up only 34 percent of the total population in the 26th of September article published in Washington Post.

“The largest remaining groups are mostly awaiting hearings in courts in blue states such as New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Maryland, though some are waiting for hearings at courts in red states,” the Post added.

The legitimate Visa-worker programs are heavily geared toward the coastal areas, decreasing incentives in Silicon Valley to invest in heartland states.

GOP lawmakers have begun to acknowledge that government-funded migration to coastal states benefits wealthy residents of those states, and redirects private investment that otherwise would be shared with residents of their respective states. For instance, Bloomberg Government reported on the 21st of September.

Capito’s West Virginia gets little private sector investment partially due to federal pipelines transporting foreign workers to California in addition to New York.

However, it is clear that the GOP opposition is precisely timed.

Biden’s deputy prosecutors are in the midst of running out of cash to operate their northside transport infrastructure that is used to move migrants across the border area to their workplaces or apartments located in American cities.

Any additional federal expenditures would be distributed to the different cities through an increase in funds in agencies like the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as well as also known as the Department of Health and Human Services and various other agencies. The majority of the money moves via the DHS to groups that are progressive through agreements that are signed with Federal Emergency Management Agency. Federal Emergency Management Agency.

The northside smuggling ring and the record amount of migrants killed have been largely neglected by the mainstream media.

This corporate policy leaves a lot of Americans with a sense of unaware about the extent of Biden’s massive migration. However, they are also inundated by media’s wringing about the alleged suffering of immigrants who were flown to the elite play area in Martha’s Vinyard.

The GOP remains firm that they’ll likely get concessions from Democrats’ “pro-migration” leaders which include Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY).

But those concessions could be beneficial to the Republican’s business supporters, and not the millions of Americans that are marginalized due to the mainstream’s preference for non-complaining immigrants, renters, and workers.

A lot of progressives compete to show their solidarity with the immigration which causes their children and themselves poorer: “Blue areas are already dealing with a large proportion of migrants who are seeking asylum and have for a long time,” stated the writer of the Washington Post article who published the figures that show the uneven distribution of immigrants.

However, few progressives are willing to understand how microeconomics is upset by the migration process.