Liberal Judge Attacks Conservative Commissioner with Help of Left-Wing Nuts

Andrey_Popov /

The devious Democrats cannot bring themselves to accept that their time in power is ending. They have had to make up ridiculous stories about their political rivals, so they do not look so bad to voters. The liberals’ favorite method of attack is to claim that Republicans who support former President Donald Trump are all terrorists seeking to tear down the United States.

The latest attack against the conservative movement came when a liberal judge in New Mexico ruled that Otero County Commissioner Couy Griffin was no longer fit to hold any office at the state or federal level. And a judge jumped into the political ring because Griffin was charged with a misdemeanor because he entered Capitol grounds on January 6. He never entered the building. All he did was show up at the rally.

The liberal judge labeled Griffin a terrorist and ruled he had to leave his position because of the 14th Amendment. The judge kicked an elected official out of office because he was a Trump supporter and supported the Republican Party.

RedState reported, “A state judge can’t declare a national insurrection existed nearly two years ago when the federal government itself never made such a declaration. The judge in question has overstepped his authority. No federal troops were deployed on January 6, which is sort of a hint that a state of insurrection did not take place. None of the January 6 political prisoners are charged with fomenting or participating in an insurrection.”

The Democrats are looking for any position that they can attack and take over. The January 6 events will play a critical role in the upcoming midterm elections as the liberals try and claim that every Republican running for office is guilty of terrorist activities.

RedState also reported, “The executive has the power to decide that civil authority has broken down and that a state of insurrection exists; no judge anywhere has that power. A state judge can’t disqualify anyone from seeking federal office. It just can’t be done. For the ‘insurrection’ gambit to work at the federal level, the Supreme Court would eventually have to hold that a covert insurrection took place on January 6 that the federal government missed. IANAL and definitely not an authority on New Mexico law, but the ruling leads one to believe that this is a typical ruling in a Democrat-run state where the law is used to satisfy criminals and punish political opponents.”

The problem with Griffin’s removal from office is that it was illegal by a group of socialist nutjobs that got a judge to believe he was all-powerful. Removal of an elected official from their position of service has to be done by the governing powers. A judge doesn’t have the authority to override the people’s will.

The soap opera-style of rule that the Democrats love to engage in demands that they are removed from office. The country needs competent people to work together for the future of America. And the fact that the liberals are trying to remove people working for America proves that they only care about themselves.

The accusations from the Democrats that all Republicans are a form of anti-American force is nothing but a fabricated lie to make people think that liberalism is the only course for the future. Their tyrannical attacks are an act of desperation because they know that they have failed the American people.

The Democrats have dismissed the pomp, praise, and promises since they took over. They have failed to deliver on any of their promises. The only thing that they can take credit for is the destruction of progress and growth that came when Donald Trump was in charge of the White House.

President Joe Biden and the rest of the Democrats have only power on their mind as they continue to make things worse for all Americans. Their claim to fame will be that they had a chance to make a difference and failed because they could not see past their massive egos.