Human Composting is Now Legal in California

Paul Maguire /

Yep, you read the headline correctly. And no, this isn’t an advertisement for Soylent Green, the Charlton Heston movie of the 1970s.

Thanks to Biden’s economic agenda (or lack thereof), a lot of the dystopian outlook of that world has been baked into our daily lives. The World Economic Forum continues to push new forms of insect protein upon us and it was only a matter of time before cannibalism was cheerfully presented as an idea for us to explore.

Our death traditions are being restructured for the benefit of the environment. It is wasteful to place a headstone in honor of a loved one. You can help the land flourish by composting the remains of your loved ones.

Save the Earth, save some space, right?

Although this idea isn’t new (it was first developed in Washington), it has been taken to the next level, and of course, California is the clear leader in this area.

Traditionally, there are two options when it comes to disposing of a body after death: burial and cremation. According to the San Francisco Gate, “In California, a third choice will soon present itself for those who shuffle off this mortal coil. That choice is human composting. Assembly Bill 351, signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom on Sunday, will allow residents to choose human composting, or natural organic reduction (NOR), after death starting in 2027.”

It’s obvious that Cristina Garcia, a Democratic Assemblymember has an attachment to the law. This is especially true since there is a five-year period between the signing of the law (2027) and its actual implementation (2027).

Garcia is the genius behind the California bills that created the nonbinary Target aisle and “period poverty.” She was accused of sexual harassment and making racist comments after she was alleged to have championed #MeToo in California’s Assembly in 2018.

It’s a great package and perfectly on-brand for the face of Democrat Supermajority.

It is also questionable when it comes to the ethical reasons behind it. One example is the Catholic Church.

There are ethical concerns about the idea of human remains being composted. Colorado’s version of the law states that soil from multiple people can not be mixed without their consent. It cannot be sold or used for food production. California’s bill prohibits the mixing of remains of more than one person, except if they are related. However, unlike Colorado, California does not prohibit the sale or use of soil for food production.

California’s Catholic Church has opposed the process, saying that it “reduces the human body to simply a disposable commodity.”

It sounds like another death practice, which the Supreme Court has sent back to the states for them to decide. California seems to be falling over itself to take advantage.

Kathleen Domingo (executive director of the California Catholic Conference), said that NOR is essentially the same as a home garden composting system in a statement she shared with SFGATE. She stated that the process was not for humans but for livestock.

She explained that these disposal methods were intended to reduce the risk of disease transmission by the carcass. These same methods can lead to a disconnection from the deceased’s soul, emotions, and mental health.

According to the church, the dispersal of remains in public places may lead to “people treading over human remains without their knowledge while repeated dispersions in the same area are tantamount to a mass grave.”

Peter Marlow, the executive director of San Francisco’s archdiocese, stated to SFGATE that Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone opposed the law and supports the position taken by the California Catholic Conference.

We are witnessing the Left’s wholesale destruction of traditional values, institutions, and institutions. In some ways, it is a scorched earth moment. However, the Right’s acceptance of it, death traditions, and the recent erosion of them, and most certainly not on anyone’s bingo card. Think back to June 2020, when we were fighting lockdowns on gatherings and restrictions, and the Left was holding a three-day, multicity, full court press “honoring the death” of George Floyd. They expected you to partake in it. It was the same for Rep. John Lewis’ July-packed funeral.

Dead bodies from COVID and other fatalities were left to pile up in refrigerated vans and then tossed into them like so much trash. Only recently has everything returned to normal, if that’s what you want to believe.

And now, the liberals want us to use dead bodies for compost? Hard pass.