Gov. Hochul Holds a Ribbon-Cutting for a Hallway That Perfectly Represents Her Time As Governor

lev radin /

New York has become a diseased state. From the sex-addict antics of former Governor Andrew Cuomo to the new shenanigans from Governor Kathy Hochul. No matter what they have touched, the policies of the state under their guidance have been failing left and right. So when Gov. Hochul gets set to christen a new location or renovation, failure is expected.

However, the people of Penn Station in New York City probably didn’t think she could jinx something as simple as a hallway. How wrong they were. While announcing the new entrance on the Long Island Railroad concourse going to and from Penn Station, it was apparent just how big a curse she was.

Talking about her record, “literally raising the roof on Penn Station,” and how she was making Penn Station “world-class” the ceiling behind her did the unthinkable – it began leaking. This wasn’t just a couple of drops, either. This was a full-on 1980s movie, subway in disrepair-style leak, and it could not have been more fitting.

Carrying on she proclaimed “I’ve not been shy in sharing my thoughts about Penn Station [it is] the beating heart of New York City. So, as soon as I became Governor, I got to work. Because while it’s always been a good idea to have a better Penn Station and we know how critical it is, it just wasn’t happening at the rate we thought it should.” As she issued this statement, the water began to come down even worse, now in front of her podium.

According to a reporter from New York Daily News, an exec from the MTA went on to try and explain away the leak. Claiming that the section wasn’t finished yet as even more condensation formed on the ceiling where it was dripping even harder. They then claimed that the HVAC system needed to be completely revamped.

They can make any excuses they want. Honestly, they are welcomed as these excuses are often hilarious and make even less sense than the truth would make. In this case, the excuses raise even more questions.

For example, why would you hold a ribbon-cutting when something isn’t finished? The dirt turning of a ceremonial shovel makes sense, even when it’s happening as the construction project is 2/3 done. But a ribbon cutting before the project is completed just makes no sense. Especially when it’s nothing more than a new hallway. This is an easy project, especially for the construction experts that are everywhere in NY.

More than anything, this just seemed like fate. Nobody with the railway would still have Gov. Hochul to a ribbon cutting when they know that the ceiling was leaking. They would have postponed or simply canceled. So for this to happen is nothing more than divine intervention to put the reminders of just how disturbing and horrific the left really is right out in the open for all to see.

So far, her time as Governor has been much like this ribbon cutting. Getting into office because someone else messed up, and getting to a ribbon cutting where the HVAC was messed up so the ceiling rained down was a great representation. Her time in office has been underwhelming for the people of NY.

She has no focus on any part of the state besides NYC and Albany. She could care less about the heavily snowed lakes near Watertown, the rolling hills near Corning, or the Niagara River running by Buffalo. This drip of a ribbon cutting is only but a small sign of how bad her time in office has been and will get.