Democrats Think They Can Win by Pitting Trump Against His Followers

Ben Von Klemperer /

The dirty Democrats know they must do something to get former President Donald Trump’s supporters to break ties with him. The man’s influence is potent because his past actions proved his statements to people. He proved that he cares about people instead of his own desires. And that genuineness haunts the Democrats because people still listen to his voice.

The latest move by the liberals against Trump’s influence is in the way that they are attacking the man. They want people to believe he is a terrorist determined to destroy America. They hope the people will not want to be classified as a terrorist supporter and will shy away from his influence.

The push for Trump to lose his supporters is not well received by those that know him the best. Kellyanne Conway is the former White House counselor who worked with Donald Trump. She is taking to the airways and informing people that they should not give up on Trump so quickly.

The Democrats want people to think that by following Trump, the Democrats will maintain control of the government. They are pushing the idea that the Republican Party will lose its chance of retaking Congress if Trump leads the fight.

Conway’s message to the liberals is clear. As reported by Fox News, she mentioned, “Those who want to move on from Trump: You go first.” Her point is that the naysayer should be the first to go before moving on to another choice.

The Guardian reported that “Democrats are increasingly confident they can capitalize on Trump’s dominance of the Republican party, their own legislative successes and the need to protect abortion rights and hold the House and Senate. So much so, they have controversially boosted extremist Trump-endorsed candidates, including election deniers, in order to give independents and Republican moderates a stark choice at the polls.”

The horrid game of politics that the Democrats like to play is in its final round. They are pulling out all the stops to try and nullify the influence that Trump has on voters.

Conway is adamant that Republicans should not be listening to the liberal left when they try and dictate which candidates they should follow. The left wants people to believe that every influential and powerful Republican is an enemy of the country. They will do their best to smear that person’s name and make it seem like they cannot be trusted.

The Guardian pointed out that the Democrats are trying to hurt Trump by telling people he will not admit he lost in 2020. They attack his business ventures, so-called classified document retention, and many other things. They cannot bring themselves to focus on the issues because Donald Trump is a master at speaking on the issues and disproving the claims made by his opposition.

Conway pointed out that over 74 million people voted for Trump in 2020. She maintains that those people are not looking for the issues being promoted by the left. They are more concerned with issues dealing with inflation, border control, and other events that the Democrats created to destroy the country.

Biden supporters point out that 81 million people voted for him. But the problem with their count is that it is tainted with the heavy possibility that fraud played a significant role in how many votes the old man received. Several vital states stopped their count early in the night after Trump had run away with the state. And by morning Biden mysteriously pulled ahead by a few thousand votes.

Biden may claim that all the votes for him are legitimate. But he cannot deny that there are millions of those same people who are sorry they voted for him. And those same people are pointing out that they plan on voting Republican in the next election. The red wave is building, and there is nothing that the Democrats can do or say to erase nearly two years of betrayal that is forcing their supporters to vote red in the next election cycle.