Biden Makes Administration Changes To Meet His Socialist Agenda

Marlin360 /

President Joe Biden is changing his people over the various agencies he uses to mess with people. Biden wants absolute control over law enforcement agencies at the federal level so that when the time comes, he can unleash them on the American people to force obedience. The liberal-loving Department of Justice and the FBI are already under his socialist control, and now he wants to change up the leadership with the Secret Service.

The president’s top choice for the job is Kimberly Cheatle, and all because of her past. POLITICO reported that President Biden said she has had “a distinguished law enforcement professional with exceptional leadership skills, and also said that she “was easily the best choice to lead the agency at a critical moment for the Secret Service.”

This move also makes history as she’ll be the second woman to lead the Secret Service, following Obama’s appointment of Julia Pierson in 2013.

Biden’s decisions right before the midterm election have all been made with the same goal. He wants to win over voters and make them want to vote for Democrat candidates. He decides to cancel billions of dollars in student loan debt, and now he is making a change in leadership to appear like he is fixing problems within his administration.

POLITICO reported that some of the major issues were that “On July 13, Congress was notified by Homeland Security’s inspector general that the Secret Service had lost texts related to the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol while erasing employees’ phones as part of a new protocol. The House select committee investigating the attack then subpoenaed the agency for its records, concerned that federal records laws could have been violated if the messages weren’t preserved.”

The erasing of records over a matter labeled by the liberals as an attempt to subvert democracy is highly concerning. But Biden needs to appear as if he cares because the midterm elections are coming up, and he needs to be ready to force people to obey if his sadistic party maintains government control.

Joseph Cuffari is the DHS Inspector General. He was taken aback by the problems and viewed them as criticism. It is easy to deny the truth even when it is right in front of his face.

At the time, the Democrats were so passionate about the events of January 6, 2021, that several members of the Oversight Committee demanded that the deleted records be turned over to them. But when they found out about the loss of records, they attacked, claiming that the agency waited over a year to report evidence they needed to accuse people of crimes they did not commit.

Cheatle may have the experience required to do the job. And she may have been the first woman ever appointed Assistant Director of Protective Operations. But it does not mean that Biden does not have his secret desire to place her as the head of the Secret Service. Biden’s pick is purely a personal choice that he is making to gain favor with the voters and set himself up with loyal servants once he can make his move into a dictatorship role.

Cheatle was groomed and set up by Biden to fill a role that he wanted her to have. She served on the president’s detail when he sat in the vice president’s office. Biden also awarded her a Presidential Rank award. And now, she will serve her new master as the head of Biden’s Secret Service Gestapo.

Joe Biden has never done any favors for anyone. The things he does for others are purely out of selfish interest. He grooms people the way he wants so they feel obligated to serve him in a future position that he will inevitably give them.

The country’s future is hanging by a thread because Old Man Biden wants to subvert freedom and force people to submit to Democratic rule. The liberal president needs his party to win the midterm elections to finish destroying the country.

Biden’s time has come to put in the last remaining people willing to obey and do things that will prove to be questionable in the end.