AOC’s Back to Playing the Victim Card According to Boebert

James Andrews1 /

Lauren Boebert is a conservative Representative who isn’t afraid to call it as she sees it. And she’s set her sights on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) to let the country know a bit more about the progressive Representative.

AOC likes to play the victim card whenever she can. Remember the antics she pulled after the January 6 riots only to learn that she wasn’t even in the building when it was raided? This is typical behavior.

Now, AOC, who represents the 14th congressional district of New York, was interviewed by GQ magazine. She told them that misogyny continues to be a big problem in U.S. politics. She also fears that it could affect any future presidential bid.

Let’s be clear. Misogyny is defined by Oxford Languages as a “Dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against women.”

Where exactly are examples of misogyny in U.S. politics? Take a look around – there is a female vice president, countless females in Congress, and females throughout local politics in the form of mayors, governors, and more.

Boebert was quick to criticize AOC’s comments. The reality is that people disagree with AOC’s policies since she focuses more heavily on a progressive agenda that ends with the U.S. becoming a socialist nation. It isn’t because people dislike AOC for being female.

Boebert said, “When you look up ‘victimhood mentality’ in the dictionary, it should show a picture of AOC’s face.”

The Republican who represents the 3rd congressional district of Colorado may have a point. Boebert points out that AOC has over 13 million followers on Twitter and has raised tens of millions of dollars. And oh yeah, she just got interviewed by GQ where she’ll be featured on the cover.

“She has the audacity to claim that America is sexist. No, Americans don’t hate AOC the person and they certainly don’t want to date AOC. They want her to stop pushing policies that ruin their lives.”

A comment from Boebert isn’t going to stop AOC from playing the victim card, though.

The interview that AOC conducted with Wesley Lowery of GQ was published on September 7. And if you want to hear how she wants the world to feel sorry for her, you should definitely have a read. If anything, it will be good for a laugh or two.

During the interview, AOC touched on the possibility of running for president. She’s been asked numerous times if that is an end goal of hers. While it’s unlikely that she’ll run in 2024, she has mentioned that she doesn’t plan on staying as a Representative for her entire political career.

She got extremely emotional during the GQ interview when she discussed sexism.

Apparently, this is AOC’s plan. She’ll talk about sexism so that when she doesn’t win the presidential election – or any other election where she’s running, she’ll have a card to fall back on.

Boebert hit the nail on the head, though. AOC will lose an election because of her progressive politics, not because of her being a female. If she really wants to be taken seriously, she has to stop being so petty. Oh, and if she wanted to focus on keeping the country as a capitalist democracy, that would help her, too.