Why an FBI Search of Trump Won’t Affect 2024

Michael Candelori / shutterstock.com

If you haven’t heard, the FBI, under the orders of Biden’s Department of Justice, raided former President Donald Trump’s Palm Beach, Florida, Mar-a-Lago home on Monday. That’s right, a former president’s house was just invaded and raided.


Well, according to multiple sources, the agency was apparently looking for evidence that might incriminate Trump as to how 15 boxes of White House records, including some “classified” documents, ended up at his Florida home instead of the National Archives.

Now, such an investigation or search by the FBI would usually drum up many questions about a person’s criminality and behavior, causing one to go on the defensive and possibly even lay low for a while.

However, as usual, Donald Trump isn’t taking that expected route. In fact, likely, this raid could even boost his efforts in a possible 2024 presidential election.

As we all know, with the midterms nearly here, it is assumed that it’s only a matter of time before the 45th president makes an announcement that he will try to be the 47th one as well.

While there are certainly likely to be other contenders for the GOP presidential nomination, it’s clear from just about any recent polling that Trump still holds the lead by far. According to RealClearPolitics late July polls, he has about 50 percent of Republican support, and he’s not even officially running yet. Plus, in most cases, he has massive double-digit leads over his would-be competitors.

There is also the fact that Trump has been hinting at another run since, well, since he lost in 2020.

On Saturday, at a Conservative Political Action Conference in Texas, Trump said, “We will make America proud again. We will make America safe again. And we will make America great again. I ran twice, I won twice… and we may have to do it again.”

Basically, you had better count on another Trump. And don’t think for a second that a measly little FBI raid or even multiple federal and state level investigations will slow him down.

In fact, it just might accelerate his ambitions and desire to completely “drain the swamp.”

After all, he’s managed to stay not only relevant but incredibly popular over the last few years, despite losing to a dementia-ridden geriatric. And most of that is reliant on his claims that time and time again, the “deep state” and partisan powers that be have unfairly targeted and attacked him, even stealing a national election from him.

Being once again targeted by the FBI and Biden’s DOJ will only promote his ongoing theme of being a political martyr. And it’s one that even RINOs and not Trump fans can buy into.

Take Trump’s former right-hand man and Vice President Mike Pence, for instance.

We all know that since the 2020 election and the so-called confirmation of Biden as our elected president, Trump and Pence have had quite a falling out, basically because Pence refused to object to the confirmation of Biden legitimately winning.

But even he thinks this whole FBI raid and investigation is a bit much.

He tweeted, “I share a deep concern of millions of Americans over the unprecedented search of the personal residence of President Trump. No former President of the United States has ever been subject to a raid of their personal residence in American history.”

Another high-profile GOP member who has not always been aligned with Trump, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, was also outraged. He responded, “I’ve seen enough,” and stated that he would “leave no stone unturned” to investigate the DOJ after the midterms.

Then again, it’s not like even a conviction could keep Trump down long.

Let’s face it; if these investigations continue and he is tried, it’s all likely to go down before the 2024 November election. This means that Trump would undoubtedly be out on bail and, therefore, still able to run for the presidency. And once he won, he would, of course, have the powers of the executive office behind him to get his verdict appealed.

In the meantime, though, expect that neither Trump nor his supposed desire to run for president again will be thwarted by yet another attack of the Democratic swamp.