The FBI’s Ultimate Present to Donald Trump

Jeffery Edwards /

The Democrats have proven they are corrupt. They’ll use the Department of Justice, the FBI, and every other government agency to protect them from the big, bad wolf, otherwise known as Donald Trump.

The progressive agenda is simple. Destroy Trump so that he can’t possibly run for president again in 2024.

Their hatred of a man who has promised to drain the swamp has actually helped him. The more aggressively they go after Trump, the more they are proving that everything he’s been saying is right. Deep State is working against him, and the Democrats are drunk with power.

The FBI raid has only helped Trump.

When you look at the various polls that are out there to see how Trump would do in the presidential primaries against Ron DeSantis, he’s leading more than ever.

There were over 30 agents in Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida. And his attorneys were not allowed to oversee the raid in any capacity, which only raised suspicions. What were the agents doing? What were they taking? What might they have been planting?

A new poll from Politico/Morning Consult shows that Trump has seen a 10-point boost over DeSantis with GOP primary voters – an impressive new jump.

Attorney General Merrick Garland has been quite pleased with himself, saying that he approved the raid personally. And the search warrant didn’t offer any specifics as to what the FBI agents were looking for.

As The Independent reported, “The FBI removed 11 sets of documents that were marked as classified. Some were marked ‘classified/TS/SCI’ meaning ‘top secret/sensitive compartmented information.’ Such information is only supposed to be viewed in a secure government facility, known as a SCIF – Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility.”

As of right now, the polls show that Trump and DeSantis are the leaders for the GOP primaries. No other candidate has two-digit support. And depending on the poll, no names are given, requiring the polltakers to write in who they want to see. Even then, Trump is the leader in all instances. Only when Trump is taken out of the equation entirely is DeSantis in the lead.

Of course, Trump has yet to come forward to say that he will be running. It is only assumed that he will be doing so, especially with all of the dinners he’s been having – likely garnering support and securing fundraising when the time comes.

The raid has helped Trump within the GOP.

Yet, it’s not all about being unfair to Trump. A poll has shown that there’s been a significant amount of approval of the FBI raid. 49 percent say they approved of the raid while 37 percent did not. Another 13 percent voiced that they had no opinion.

The raid identified 11 documents. While these should have been within the Archives, it is hardly an issue in comparison to even bigger threats to national security.

Hillary Clinton, anyone? And how about the current sitting president’s adult son, Hunter Biden?

The more that the FBI does things like raid a former president’s home without going after individuals from the Democratic Party, the more the American public lose faith in the federal government.

We’re not stupid. We know a witch hunt when we see one – and it’s why Trump’s approval rating has shot up even more since the FBI conducted their raid.

They may have found things, but they’re not really the winners.

Perhaps one day, the Democrats will realize that their games won’t work. The good will always triumph. And for right now, that’s Trump.