Rep. Liz Cheney Thinks the FBI Raid on Trump Was Fine, Just Fine

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Wyoming’s only member of the House of Representatives, Republican Liz Cheney is proving herself to be even more despicable than her father, former VP Dick Cheney.

Then again, losing her primary to Trump-backed candidate Harriet Hageman back on August 16th didn’t help her feelings towards him, either. Rather than defend a fellow Republican and former President who may return to office, she instead has completely turned her back.

She has gone so far as to claim there is “no evidence” the Mar-a-Lago raid was politically motivated and ascertaining that her fellow Republicans were “immediately” and “reflexively” attacking the FBI.

These comments and much more came as she spoke with Jonathan Karl on ABC’s “This Week”, where she spoke at length about her reaction to the raid.

“I think that when you think about the fact that we were in a position where the FBI, the Department of Justice, felt the need to execute a search warrant at the home of a former president, that’s a really serious thing for the nation. I just think that for us as a party to be in a position where we’re reflexively attacking career law enforcement professionals in order to defend a former president who conducted himself the way this one did, it’s a really sad day for the party.”

Further fanning the fire for Cheney was the leak of the unredacted warrant. A move that in her eyes caused a great panic and put the lives of FBI agents and others associated with the raid at risk. “And that has now caused violence, we’ve seen threats of violence. The judge himself, the synagogue had to cancel services because of threats of violence. This is a really dangerous moment.”

Her concerns about this are about the same as any politician taking a personal threat seriously; it’s pretty much pointless because it’s just words with no action 98% of the time. The people who made the threats just like to hear themselves speak but are rarely up for the moment and to make it happen. Never mind the treasonous actions she and her new bosom buddies in the Democratic Party have undertaken or began to set in motion.

Rather than focus on anything currently going on, Cheney and the left keep trying to reach back to Trump and find more to blame him for. Yet it’s just their old magician tricks all over again, just with a different rabbit. This time, they want to avoid people paying close attention to what is going on with China (especially as Biden is slated to visit in November).

Not to mention getting people to forget about Hunter, his laptop, and the connections between both Bidens with Russia and Ukraine throughout the years. This kind of evidence and allegations can be damning to a sitting President. For Joe, he has surrounded himself with a group that is determined to get him through 2024. They love how easily he is turned into a puppet, and how easy it is to get him to repeat himself.

Meanwhile, Rep. Cheney is fighting her crusade to change the Republican Party. Much like Senators Manchin (D-WV) and Sinema (D-AZ), she is considered to be an outlier to her party, and a member in name only in the eyes of many. Despite this tag, she is exactly what the Republican party needs right now. They need people who will step up with their beliefs so the party can decide if the hill they want their career to die on is worth dying for as a party.

As this raid has proven, not everyone is going to agree with the same thing, but when you raid a former President who has been nothing but cooperative on your witch hunts, you’ve crossed a line. If you want to support the group leading that charge, you can stay on that side of the line with the rest of the left.