Rand Paul Proven Right Once Again Over COVID Facts

Rich Koele / shutterstock.com

The idiocracy of the Democratic Party shows up each time a person challenges the rhetoric they love to paste all over every crisis. They make statements primarily based on speculation but present it as gospel truth. And when an authority on a subject counters their narrative, they are quick to attack and try hard to discredit the person. And such has been the story with Senator Rand Paul over the COVID-19 virus.

The mighty Republican Senator has endured the senseless attacks by the liberals ever since the COVID-19 virus made its ugly appearance a few years ago. The left’s so-called experts told the world that the virus was the deadliest thing to sweep the planet in over a century, and people would die if they did not cover their mouths and get a shot in the arm.

The blue elite even went so far as to claim that Rand Paul did not know what he was talking about even though he was a well-respected medical doctor and highly knowledgeable on virology. The media was working to make people believe he was a monster for telling the truth about the virus and how the human body works to kill off the infection.

Paul was branded as a heretic and left to recoup after the virtual tongue lashing that the Democrats lobbied at him. But Paul is a patient man and continues to tell the truth through the entire character bashing. And now that things are settling down, the staunch truth of what he was claiming is coming to the surface.

The Senator’s vindication came after Dr. Deborah Birx, the former White House COVID response coordinator, took part in an interview with Fox News. Birx mentioned that the COVID vaccine would not wipe out the virus like the Democrats want people to believe. Strangely enough, her admission is the same thing Senator Paul has been saying for the past two years.

The Washington Examiner reported that Birx said, “I knew these vaccines were not going to protect against infection. And I think we overplayed the vaccines, which made people then worry that it will not protect against severe disease and hospitalization. It will. But let’s be clear: 50% of the people who died from the omicron surge were older, vaccinated.”

Her admission of the truth flies in the face of what President Joe Biden and his administration were pushing concerning the virus. The vaccine was not going to save people. Birx stated that of those who died, over half were fully vaccinated.

Rand Paul even went so far as to challenge the liberal elite with the body’s ability to fight off viral infections. At the time, Biden and his worthless advisors claimed the body could not fight the virus on its own. But the truth is that the body is appropriately designed to fight a host of infections and build a natural immunity that works better than any vaccine.

Vaccinations are not fighting agents that seek out viral infections. They are a weakened form of the virus that causes the immune system to activate and produce antibodies that fight the infection when injected into the body. So, when the actual virus shows up, the body can kill off the virus before it can make the person sick.

The Washington Examiner reported Rand Paul saying, “The science is against you on this. The science is clear. Naturally acquired immunity is as good as a vaccine. This isn’t an argument against the vaccine, but it’s an argument for letting people who already have immunity make a decision.”

The liberals needed people to think that nothing but a vaccine would work so they could force people into obeying their ignorant wishes. The Democrats are nothing but a viral danger to the people of the United States as they push trumped-up lies and stories that defy natural science.

Dr. Birx proved beyond a doubt that Senator Rand Paul was right about the COVID-19 virus. The liberals could not stand to have the truth get out because it would mean they would have to admit their foolishness.