Liberals Take Up Violence With Midterms on the Horizon

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The Democratic Party may seem like they care about people and want to help where they can. But their actions tell a different story when confronted by people that do not have the same political views.

Former President Donald Trump witnessed firsthand the nastiness of the liberals. They accused him of having an affair with someone other than his wife, tried to prove he cheated during the 2016 election, and even tried to impeach him twice for doing his job.

The progressive blues also have their public relations groups known as Black Lives Matter and Antifa. These two groups were used to protest violently and publicly. And in every case, there was a political agenda and a path of destruction left for everyone to see.

President Joe Biden and his group of pathetic advisors think people should obey what they are told to do and accept his wicked rule. The Democrats do not play well with others and often resort to threats and violence when they cannot get what they want. Their favorite targets to attack are Republicans who want to help people succeed in life.

The Republicans serving in Michigan were all set to gather at a primary watch party when the liberals attacked. A woman working at the conservative’s headquarters received a threat that bad things were going to happen to them.

Gustavo Portela is the Michigan Republican Party deputy chief of staff and communications director. Newsbreak reported that he stated, “This week, the Michigan GOP experienced several death threats which escalated earlier today when our building received several threats from a bystander who not only verbally assaulted a longtime female staffer but also indicated he was planning on shooting up the building and burning it down.”

The Democratic bully told people that another mass shooting was going to occur. Those seeking to attend a peaceful watch party were the targets.

Joe Biden and his administration cautiously brand all conservatives as terrorists. He wants people to think they exist to destroy the country and seek to rid the world of a free democracy. But his lies represent a cover story perfectly descriptive of the Democratic Party. They are the ones who want to do away with freedom and the only place in the world where people can live free.

Gustavo Portela noted, “It’s unfortunate that members of the opposite party would seize on this and joke about the situation, but this is the type of politics they play now a days. Our party won’t be deterred, and we will continue to work tirelessly for Republican policies despite on-going threats. No type of violence against women should ever be tolerated.”

The nasty little Democrat threatening to kill everyone ran once the police were called. They act tough and brave, but they run like prey before a lion when law enforcement shows up.

The innocent Republicans wanted to celebrate all the work put into the primaries. They wanted to have fun and watch as the results came into one vote at a time. But the Democrats could not stand to watch the Republicans enjoy life since all they know is pain and suffering.

The kind of threat the thug made caught the attention of the police. They plan on keeping a particular watch on the area to protect the innocent people the Democrats want to hurt.

Newsbreak also found and reported that the GOP is still planning to hold another event focusing on unity. Security will be enhanced, and special attention will focus on anyone who wants to harm innocent people.

The Democrats are worried because the primary winner will face off against the spiteful Gretchen Whitmer. During the pandemic, the liberal governor worked hard to make life miserable for people in Michigan. Voters want to see her replaced as soon as possible.

The blue politicians fear that a red wave will turn the entire country red. They are scared that the Republicans are set to take over the government after the Democrats are voted out of office. And it’s a fear that we hope actually takes place, too.