Liberals Get a Taste of What Its Like To Be Swamped With Illegals

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President Joe Biden was more than content to bus illegal migrants into the country. He would send his buses to the border and pick up as many illegals as possible. He commissioned the bus drivers to head to various locations around the country and let the passengers off. The people would disembark their bus and disappear into the population, never to be seen again.

Many locations Biden sent the illegal to were not equipped to handle the influx of people. The people were let off the buses, and the states were told to take care of them. Biden put Americans last and the illegals first in his epic attacks on the sovereignty of the nation.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott was not about to let the old president walk all over his state. He proposed a plan to give the Democrats a taste of their medicine.

Abbott announced that he would start sending busloads of illegals to New York City and Washington D.C. because it was only fair that Biden’s regime and supporters share in the misery of dealing with illegals. The brilliant move by Abbott caught New York City officials’ attention, and they are now scrambling to deal with the strain of so many illegals being pumped into the streets.

The city officials were less than thrilled to have illegals on their doorsteps. Immigration Commissioner Manual Castro noted, “What is new now, is the systematic diversion of asylum seekers and immigrants to New York City by external forces, including by the disgusting, cruel and cowardly actions of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.” He feels that other areas of the country should suffer the burden of illegals but not where he lives.

The Democrats believe that Abbott is being cruel and unjust with his actions. But the same thing could be said about how Biden is busing illegals to areas of the country far from his front door. The liberals believe they should be exempt from the horrors that so many illegals will have in the areas where they are dumped off.

Adrienne Adams is the chair of the Committee on General Welfare. She noted, “While there may be a rise in those seeking asylum in New York City, this does not mean they are to blame for issues that have historically plagued our system.” She wants to make the point that the illegals are not to blame. Except they are the ones that made the trip into the country without going through the legal process.

Abbott’s bus program is working and catching the attention of city officials. Several more buses will arrive and drop off more illegals within the coming days. The city is about to be overrun by the people their beloved president is letting into the country illegally.

Governor Abbott was not about to sit back and let Biden destroy the state of Texas. His actions were done to keep the state of Texas safe.

The mayor of New York City had boasted that New York City was a sanctuary city and was ready to house all the illegals. Abbott took advantage of the offer and started sending illegals into the city to live. He is helping the Democratic mayor realize his dream of a city full of illegals.

New York City officials may claim they are ready for the influx of people, but Gary Jenkins, the Department of Social Services Commissioner, stated that the city messed up and failed to house four of the first few families that showed up. Many more slipped through the system and ended up having to stay at the center where they could get care.

The nasty liberals in New York blamed the failure to care for the families on Texas officials who did not tell them that the people were coming. But Greg Abbott had been telling the country that the buses were headed to the north. The city officials ignored his announcement and ended up failing in their duty to care for the people.