Kentucky AG Lands Massive Blow to Planned Parenthood

Ken Wolter /

With the legality of abortion nationwide overturned on a federal level, states everywhere are deciding just how they will react. Some, like California, have agreed to continue the cycle of death that has existed in this nation since the 1973 Supreme Court decision, becoming what is called an abortion sanctuary state.

However, others, like Kentucky, have just made themselves officially an anti-abortion state.

Shortly after the overturn of Roe v. Wade, state leaders passed laws to make abortion pretty much illegal all throughout the state. One law basically bans abortion in all cases. Another allows some exceptions, saying that any performed after six weeks of pregnancy, which is when the unborn child’s heart begins to beat, is illegal.

Naturally, the political left quickly went to work to reverse those laws or, at the very least, fight them in court. Planned Parenthood and EMW Women’s Surgical Centers claim that the laws to ban abortion in the state “cause irreparable harm to pregnant people who no longer wish to be pregnant.”

However, it seems neither the appeals court nor the state Supreme Court agreed. And so, neither court agreed to reverse a temporary restraining order the organizations had issued against the two laws. Then, the Jefferson Circuit Court issued a temporary injunction on July 22.

But another court of appeals just decided to reinstate both laws on Monday. The order means that abortion, in most cases, is now officially illegal in the Bluegrass State.

Of course, the liberals aren’t giving up just yet.

Just one day later, on Tuesday, Planned Parenthood and the American Civil Liberties Union made an appeal to the Kentucky Supreme Court for emergency relief. According to their case, the state court of appeals’ decision to reinstate the banning of abortion “eviscerates reproductive freedom in Kentucky,” CNN reported.

But with the approval of the state attorney general and growing-in-popularity Republican Daniel Cameron, it’s unlikely that the appeal case will go anywhere. On Tuesday, the same day Planned Parenthood refiled its case, Cameron made a statement praising the court’s decision to protect ‘Kentucky’s pro-life laws” and allow them to “take effect while” the case continues in court.

Cameron, who is also running for governor, vowed that he and his office would “continue to vigorously defend the constitutionality of these important protections for women and unborn children across the Commonwealth.”

He clearly understands that unborn children are just that, children. And as such, they deserve a right to live and breathe as you and I do. It is murder, plain and simple.

And for what?

In most abortion cases, the decision to execute an innocent child is made solely on whether or not the would-be parents want to be pregnant or not, whether they want a child at that point in their life or not.

And yet, taking away that so-called right to end another’s life causes irreparable harm? What do you think it does to the life of that child? I don’t think there’s anything more irreparable than being murdered. There isn’t any coming back from that.

There are, however, other options for women who don’t want to be mothers yet.

For starters, more birth control options are available today than ever, with very, very high success rates. Most, if not all, are usually covered by insurance, too. If someone doesn’t want to get pregnant in the first place, that would be a great place to start. I mean, it just makes sense.

It also makes sense that if someone’s birth control does fail or they’ve been too immature to worry about it until it’s too late, the death of an innocent is not or should not be the first reaction. Again, there are other options. Adoption is a great way to offer a child the life they deserve and also allow want-to-be moms and dads to be parents.

But clearly, for the political left, common sense isn’t all that readily available. Apparently, selfishness is far more common, thinking that their wants and hopes for a child-free life are somehow more important than life itself.

Thank God for men like Cameron who see life as the precious gift that it is and are willing to fight for it.