Does Beto Really Stand a Chance in Texas? Maybe…

Vic Hinterlang /

Beto O’Rourke has been desperately trying to find a home in American politics. After a failed attempt at becoming a Texas senator and another fail at becoming president, he’s focused on shoving Governor Greg Abbott out of the role so that he can turn the entire state of Texas blue.

While it would sound crazy for a Democrat to make any kind of ground in Texas, that’s exactly what he’s doing. He already won the Democratic primaries, which means that he and Abbott will face off on the ballot in November.

There actually is reason to be concerned that the “I’ll come for your guns” liberal could actually win the gubernatorial election.

Beto has raised record amounts of money. And that means that he’s a bigger threat because of his ability to buy ad space, whether it be billboards, social media ads, TV commercials, or anything else. He can make sure that his name is a household one so that people remember him when it comes to filling out the ballot.

Abbott’s campaign consultant, David Carney, is already showing that he’s a bit nervous about all of the money. “That’s always a threat, but Beto and his policies – where he’s for Title 42 one day, he’s in a different part of the state and is against it. He flip flops and he’s wishy-washy. We’re not worried about him. We’re worried about his out-of-state money.”

The flip-flopping on issues has been a constant issue with Beto O’Rourke. He’s so desperate to get the votes that he’ll tell people anything that they want to hear. It also makes him a wild card because we have no idea where he really stands on the issues. And that will likely be seen as people head to the polling stations.

The money is the concern. Now, why are people from out of state throwing their money at Beto? Because he’s a Democrat. There are liberals all over the country who would love to see Texas go blue. That way, they can push their abortions, their transgenderism, and the rest of their progressive agenda on millions at a time.

Wealthy investors or not, Beto probably doesn’t stand much of a chance.

Senator Ted Cruz isn’t too concerned about Beto winning the gubernatorial election, either. Cruz beat Beto in 2018 by 2 percent – and some of that may have been as a result of Trump flying into Texas prior to the race to offer added support to Cruz.

Some of the support for Beto coming in from out of state includes Governor Newsom of California, Mayor Adams of NYC, and Mayor Bowser of DC. This might not be the kind of support Beto should openly accept, though. California’s a hot mess, NYC is filled with crime, and DC can’t get its homeless situation under control.

Cruz joked that “the man literally takes hundreds of millions of dollars away from Democratic donors and chucks it into the abyss. Beto seriously might be the best player on our team.”

We can only hope, and we’ll know for sure once the election takes place in November.

Especially with the amount of money coming in from California, there’s one message that most Texans have for Beto – and where the greatest concern lies. Don’t California my Texas.

In all seriousness, though, there’s a reason why people are moving OUT of liberal cities and INTO places like Texas and Florida. It’s because more Americans are learning that conservative politics are the only way to survive in today’s economic climate.

Beto may have more money for ads, but that’s still not going to get him the votes of red-blooded Texans.