Democrats Are in Favor of Term Limits…Just Not for Themselves

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The Democratic Party is full of career politicians that have lost sight of what it means to serve the people. They view their work in Washington as assigned to them by their political party. They are unwilling to listen to their supporters because they no longer believe that they are supposed to represent the people. And so, when term limits arise, they are unwilling to vote in favor of such changes.

The blue party has the belief that they are somehow above the law. They think that people should obey the law while they are exempt from doing so. They do not believe they should be subjected to term limits, but they have no problem insisting on them for everyone else.

Nancy Pelosi and her band of House Democrats have introduced a bill, “The Supreme Court Tenure Establishment and Retirement Modernization Act.” It will force Supreme Court Justices to submit to term limits. They hate the conservative-led court fixing past mistakes and overturning court cases that should have never been allowed to happen. Their solution is to force term limits to get rid of the Justices that vote in favor of the Constitution instead of the party line support.

Under the proposed law, all Supreme Court Justices would be forced to retire after 18 years on the bench. They would no longer be allowed to serve until they pass away or voluntarily retire from serving the people.

The proposal would force the current Justices to give up any seniority and essentially mark everyone as the same. It is also an attempt to make America like everyone other Democracy in the world that forces terms on judges.

Hank Johnson is the demoralizing Democrat who introduced the bill. He stated, “Regularizing appointments every two years will ensure a supreme court that is more representative of the nation, reflecting the choices of recently elected presidents and senators. Term limits for supreme court justices are an essential tool to restoring a constitutional balance to the three branches of the federal government.”

Johnson believes that term limits will somehow balance the three branches of government. But his fellow Democrats hate that idea because it would force many of his ignorant politicians into retirement. But the truth is that to be fair, there need to be term limits for the House of Representatives and the Senate.

The wishful liberal thinks that just because the bill passed in the House, it will pass in the Senate. But the filibuster stands in his way. He will need several Republicans to sign on to the idea of term limits for the bill to pass.

President Joe Biden would love to pack out the court or somehow retire the conservatives currently serving. But his committee that explored the idea did not find favorable support for changing the current setup.

Newsbreak reported that “A panel commissioned by Biden last year explored implementing term limits as one of a number of reforms to the court. It noted that the idea is one that has ‘enjoyed considerable, bipartisan support,’ exploring arguments for and against the practice, the panel noted that opponents of term limits argue they could have unintended consequences, including making the court more political.”

The court stands as the force that defines the Constitution. Johnson’s idea of term limits changes the court into a political element that future presidential candidates will use as a weapon to gain favor with voters. The Executive Branch would essentially take control of the court by having the power to change it whenever it would benefit the administration.

Any attempt to change the court because of a politically motivated agenda will destroy its purpose and damage any trust that the public has in the Supreme Court.

The other two branches under Democratic control would be able to pass laws that benefit their liberal agenda. And it would set the country on a path where wild swings of legislation would take place based on which party had control of the other branches of government.

This is yet again why the Democrats cannot hold onto too much control – they want to hold onto it forever by changing the rules of the game.