Communist China Sees Its Window of Opportunity

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The communist leaders of China have been watching President Joe Biden. They have seen his pathetic and meaningless interactions with Russia and the war in Ukraine. They have watched the feeble president return from Afghanistan and leave people behind who should have been evacuated.

They have witnessed one group after another defy the might of America because they know Biden will not intervene. And now, the Chinese believe they have a window of opportunity to strike at the heart of Taiwan to intimidate them into becoming part of Mother China.

The red leaders announced to the world that they would increase their military exercises around the waters surrounding Taiwan. They want to disrupt transportation to the point that global trade is affected.

The Chinese have been running anti-submarine drills and targeting support lines from the United States. They want to be able to cut off any aid once they decide to invade and take the island for themselves.

Taiwan sits close to the mainland. Xi Jinping is the current regime leader of China. And he believes that the island is part of his country. The tiny island won its freedom in 1949 during a nasty civil war. But Xi Jinping is willing to do whatever he needs to rob the people of their freedom. He cannot stand to see a democracy so close to his communist border.

Newsbreak reported that Wang Wenbin, who is the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson, stated that his country will “firmly safeguard China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, resolutely deter the U.S. from containing China with the Taiwan issue and resolutely shatter the Taiwan authorities’ illusion of “relying on the U.S. for independence.”

He told the world that China would do whatever it needed to force Taiwan to come back under dictatorship. The people will have to give up their freedom and become subjects of a regime known for mass murders and other human rights violations.

Newsbreak also reported that “China doesn’t allow public opinion polls, and popular opinion is hard to judge. However, it generally skews in favor of the government and its efforts to restore China’s former dominant role in the region that puts it in conflict with the United States and its allies, including Japan and Australia.”

The central government censors all media content and forces people to keep their opinions to themselves. All news broadcasts and media productions are tightly controlled, so only favorable reports are published. The communist leaders want people to think everyone is happy living under horrible conditions.

Taiwan leaders have reported that at least 66 aircraft and 14 warships continue to circle the island, claiming they are simply participating in military exercises. But they are willing to block the island and try to intimidate people traveling to and back off the island.

The Chinese military is actively targeting Taiwan’s people and military, so they know exactly where to fire their weapons to make the most significant impact. Xi Jinping would have a major problem if any nation tried to target its people with weapons. His reaction would be one of retaliation.

Tsai Ing-wen is the President of Taiwan. He is begging his allies to support his people’s freedom and stand in the gap to keep the Chinese from mass-murdering his people should they invade.

China’s window of opportunity will only last while sleepy Joe Biden remains the president. His weak influence and laughable attempts at international diplomacy only make China think they can act on their threats. They know that the old man will not risk going to war over a tiny island.

The entire region is worried that war is going to break out. Australian leaders are urging caution and begging everyone to step back and take a breath.

The Chinese would never have engaged in military drills if a Republican president had been in office. They know that a conservative president with values would have already intervened and given them some things to think through should they decide to attack. But Biden is weak and eastern powers know that now is their time to act before the old man is booted out of office.