Another Car Manufacturer Goes Woke, Killing Popular Models in Favor of EV

Darren Brode /

Car manufacturers aren’t focusing on what the people want. Instead, they are focusing on the progressive agenda. After all, any company that chooses not to go woke may find themselves as part of the cancel culture.

Dodge seems to be falling into the trap. They’ll go woke and go broke because of their decision.

Rather than manufacturing cars like the Charger and Challenger that are big hits, they’ve decided to ditch them. People love both the Charger and the Challenger because of their sporty exteriors and powerful engines.

Yet, Dodge won’t be manufacturing them any longer. Instead, they’ll be concentrating on electric vehicles.

You know – the EVs that require hours to charge during a road trip. The EVs that require the impossible mission of finding a working charger somewhere in town. The EVs that will cost Americans a fortune to charge at home, adding hundreds of dollars to their electric bills every month.

Regardless of how much Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg pushes the EV on Americans, we have spoken. We don’t want them. They’re expensive. They’re impractical. And they don’t work when there are large commutes taking place on a regular basis.

Stellantis, Dodge’s parent company, has announced that it’s the end of an era. “The Dodge Charger and Dodge Challenger, in current form, are coming to an end.”

The 2023 models will be the last – and an underhood commemorative plaque will be featured on all of them.

Tim Kuniskis, the brand chief executive officer of Dodge explained that “the brand will mark the last of our iconic Charger and Challenger nameplates in their current form nthe same way that got us here, with a passion both for our products and our enthusiasts that drives us to create as much uniqueness in the muscle car community and marketplace as possible.”

It’s becoming harder and harder to be a part of the muscle car community. Unless you already have a muscle car, you won’t be able to find one on the market after 2023. With the Charger and Challenger being removed from the possibilities, what are you left with?

Ford already ditched their cars, including the Mustang. Now, they focus solely on trucks and EVs.

It’s disappointing, to say the least. Especially when people aren’t buying the EVs nearly as frequently as the liberals expected it to happen.

And still, no one is talking about the cost of replacing a battery on an EV. A battery costs nearly as much as an entire car – and they can’t be recycled. They sit in a graveyard of broken EVs, with who knows how many chemicals leaching into the ground over time.

But still, these EVs are touted as the eco-friendlier solution for our planet. And Dodge has bought into the lies so much so that they are willing to ditch their most iconic models.

The vehicles that Dodge will focus on will be entirely electric. It’s the way of the future, whether we like it or not.

Meanwhile, Ford CEO Jim Farley believes that things are about to change. He expects the costs of making EVs to drop considerably over the next few years, with the price tags being as low as $25,000. He said, “our industry is definitely heading to a huge price war.”

Perhaps if the MSRPs come down and more charging stations are added, there will be a future. Still, it seems that Dodge went too woke too soon.